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Robbins Crossover TBM completes Turkey’s Longest Water Tunnel

Robbins Crossover TBM completes Turkey’s Longest Water Tunnel

Excavation of Turkey’s longest water tunnel came to an end on December 18, 2018. To get there, a 5.56 m (18.2 ft) diameter Robbins Crossover (XRE) TBM and the contractor JV of Kolin/Limak had ... More Information

ITACET Training Courses during WTC2019

ITACET Training Courses during WTC2019

Two ITACET training sessions will be organized on the 3rd and 4th of May during WTC2019. •             Tunnelling 4.0 information ... More Information

Struma Motorway - Lot 3.2.1 update

There have been ten offers for the design and construction of the 13.2 km Struma motorway in the 23.6 km section between Kresna and Krupnik, through the Kresna Gorge (Lot 3.2.1). The Lot 3.2.1 ... More Information

News from Australia’s longest road tunnel project

News from Australia’s longest road tunnel project

The last truck of spoil excavated from the NorthConnex tunnel was delivered to Hornsby Quarry on 25.01.2019. More than one million cubic metres of spoil was placed to partially fill the quarry, ... More Information

Bahrain Metro Project

Bahrain Metro Project

Press release-Bahrain announces consultancy tenders for phase one of its metro project. Bahrain's Ministry of Transportation has launched tenders for the appointment of a transaction advisor and ... More Information

Press release - Fourth mega borer starts work on metro tunnels

The fourth of five mega tunnel boring machines (TBMs) has started tunnelling under Sydney. TBM Mabel has been launched at Chatswood to help deliver 31km of tunnels between Marrickville and ... More Information

5th TBM Breakthrough for Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ

5th TBM Breakthrough for Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ

On the 13th of February 2019 a fifth TBM breakthrough was reached for Mumbai Metro 3 corridor at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) - T2 metro station. The TBM Wainganga 3, ... More Information

First TBM setting sail for Teesside (UK)

First TBM setting sail for Teesside (UK)

First TBM (length 225 m, weight 1,800 t), after final checks in Germany, is ready to be shipped to Wilton International, Redcar. The TBM will be reassembled and start tunnelling in the second ... More Information

Foundation stone laid for Sela tunnel project

On the 09.02.2019 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the Sela Tunnel Project in Arunachal Pradesh. The Project (BRO) will be completed in the next three years. The ... More Information

First TBM breakthrough on MRT SSP line

First TBM breakthrough on MRT SSP line

The first tunnel boring machine (TBM) breakthrough for the MRT Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (SSP) Line took place on 29 January 2019 at the Chan Sow Lin MRT Station construction site, marking a ... More Information

Forrestfield TBMs stopped due to mechanical issue

On Friday January 18, workers operating TBM Grace reported a potential mechanical issue with the machine. Since then tunnelling experts from SI-NRW and German TBM manufacturer Herrenknecht have been ... More Information

Femern A / S receives German approval.

On 06.02.2019  Femern A / S received the signed German regulatory approval for the Fehmarn tunnel in Kiel. The German approval concerns only the construction on the German side. Activities on ... More Information

Sydney Metro tunnel

Sydney Metro tunnel

On the 16.01.2019 Sydney Metro’s third mega TBM started digging the 6.2 km of tunnel from Chatswood to the edge of Sydney Harbour at Blues Point. This marks the next stage in delivering the ... More Information


The cutter head of the more than 400-foot long TBM MaMaJo was lowered nearly 200 feet down Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. The machine will drill a 5-mile tunnel designed to protect rivers from sewer overflow ... More Information

Twin Breakthrough on the Tel Aviv Light Rail

Twin Breakthrough on the Tel Aviv Light Rail

The TBMs Wonder Woman and Niki Haley breakthrough into the Ben Gurion station shaft. This completes 18.5 km of the 20km of tunnelling on the eastern section of the redline project in Tel Aviv. The ... More Information

West Link update

West Link update

On the 01.02.2019 the Supreme Court decided not to grant ‘leave to appeal’ in the case of awards for construction of the West Link (Vastlanken) railway project in Gothenburg. The ... More Information

AFD signed EUR245million funding for Pune Metro

On the 28.01.2019 AFD (French Development Bank) and DEA (Department of Economic Affairs) on behalf of the Government of India signed a Credit Facility Framework agreement in New Delhi for extending ... More Information

Twin Tunnel Breakthrough in India

Twin Tunnel Breakthrough in India

On 31.01.2019 Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) witnessed a twin tunnel breakthrough of the third and fourth TBM of Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro3 corridor at Dadar Metro Station. Krishna 1, the ... More Information

Robbins Blog

Robbins Blog

A Brief History of Rapid Excavation in 7 Key Points Posted by Brad Grothen | Jan 29, 2019 Rapid Excavation: It’s a term bandied about throughout our industry, but what does it mean? ... More Information

Waterproofing system for Buenavista 2 Tunnel

 Waterproofing system for Buenavista 2 Tunnel

The new Chirajara-Villavicencio roadway represents the final third of the Bogotá-Villavicencio corridor, between the departments of Cundinamarca and Meta, with a total length of 22.60 ... More Information

Northgate Link construction reaches 70% completion

The Northgate Link light rail extension in Seattle is about 70% complete and on track to open in 2021. Progress on Sound Transit's Northgate Link construction includes track installation, which ... More Information

Breakthrough on Metro Line 1 in Milan

Breakthrough on Metro Line 1 in Milan

The 22nd of January 2019 saw the breakthrough of the tunnel for the future Sesto Restellone and Monza Bettola stops on the Metro Line 1 in Milan, Italy. The Sesto Restellone station construction ... More Information

A fleet of TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for action in Istanbul

A fleet of TERRATEC EPBMs gear up for action in Istanbul

TERRATEC is pleased to announce the delivery of a further two new 6.56m diameter Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines (EPBMs) for the ongoing expansion of Istanbul’s Metro system, ... More Information

Press Release - The British Tunnelling Society Hyperloop Challenge

Press Release - The British Tunnelling Society Hyperloop Challenge

Elon Musk has promoted the concept of Hyperloop in tunnels but considers this viable only if the cost of tunnelling can be reduced by a factor of ten or more. His suggestion is that this could be ... More Information

New TBM launched for the Big Circle Line in Moscow

New TBM launched for the Big Circle Line in Moscow

On the 26th of January the fifth TBM, made by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group, for Moscow’s Big Circle Line was launched in the south-western section. The TBM Mary (6 m ... More Information

Second TBM reaches Gelsomini station in Milan

Second TBM reaches Gelsomini station in Milan

On the 23rd of January 2019 a second TBM broke through in to what will be the future Gelsomini station. This is one of the TBMs driving tunnels in the West section from San Cristoforo to Solari ... More Information

Harding Prize – deadline extended

Harding Prize – deadline extended

The deadline for submission of entries for the Harding Prize is usually 31 January, but for 2019 only it has been extended to 14 February. The Harding Prize is awarded each year in April. Entry is ... More Information

iPS form strategic partnership with T&M specialists

iPS form strategic partnership with T&M specialists

Following negotiations in Dubai during January 2019 the Tunnelling and Civil Construction division of iPS have decided to enter into a partnership with the Hong Kong based Tunnelling company ... More Information

Innovation in Tunnels: Construction, Maintenance, Safety and Fire Protection

This conference will be held between the 11th and 12th April 2019  in  Amsterdam, Netherlands Partial Topics Covered ... More Information

ATS QLD – Austroads Taskforce Update – 14 February 2019

The Austroads Road Tunnels Task Force coordinates updates to the Austroads Guide to Road Tunnels, and coordinates the development of technical research projects considering all aspects of road ... More Information

Purple Line Extension (USA) announces TBM naming and are contest

The Purple Line Extension Transit Project in Los Angeles is adding two more TBMs to its fleet. These TBMs will be part of section 2 and will join Elsie and Soyeon which are currently digging the ... More Information

WTC 2019 - Early registration

WTC 2019 - Early registration

Don't miss out the next WTC2019, submit your registration before 31.01.2019 and take advantage of substantial discounts! You will be able to attend conferences and workshops, discover the latest ... More Information

Norway's $47BN Coastal Highway with Undersea Tunnels | Europe's Largest MegaProject

Information provided by Skyscrapers & MegaProjects  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWr5I-hClQU The infrastructure plans will cost Norway no less than $47 billion and would ... More Information

The legend in ventilation systems

The legend in ventilation systems

Zitron is a leader in the manufacture of ventilation systems for mining, public works and the naval sector; transport, drilling and lifting equipment. Zitron, located in large manufacturing ... More Information

Cooling the Tube – on Ice till 2030?

This article has been submitted by Calvin R Barrows it is a different way of looking at the causes of the heat build up in the summer on the London underground. Please read through the article and ... More Information

All Around Issue #10 — Together in every dimension

All Around Issue #10 — Together in every dimension

Find out how mechanized tunnelling from Herrenknecht shapes the world of tomorrow. Has the future at Herrenknecht ever been as exciting as it is today? I’m sure we will not run out of stuff ... More Information

Tunnelling News

Femern - inauguration of the first tunnel element

We are pleased to announce that H.M. King Frederik X will take part in the inauguration of the first tunnel element on the construction site on 17 June. H.M. King Frederik X will arrive at ... More Information


A busy first half of the year on the HOCHTIEF-MURPHY Joint Venture (HMJV) Package 5 Headhouses & M&E contract on National Grid’s LPT Phase 2... More Information

Tesla Cybertruck escorts Boring Co's Prufrock-3 tunnel boring machine

The Boring Company's Prufrock-3 tunnel boring machine (TBM) recently completed a tunnel to Giga Texas, and in true Elon Musk fashion, ... More Information

Kazakhstan’s First Automobile Tunnel and Largest Bridge to be Completed this Year

As reported by the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Transport, Kazakhstan’s first automobile tunnel through the Shakpak Baba Pass and the country’s largest bridge over the Bukhtarma Reservoir ... More Information

HRBT Expansion Project hits big milestone, could be on track for early completion

The tunnel boring machine, known as Mary ... construction of our two new bored tunnels,” said Project Director Ryan Banas... More Information

TBMs Pass Factory Test For Lesotho Highlands Water Project

A team of engineers and tunnel experts from the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) together with consultants and contractors working on the Polihali transfer tunnel recently ... More Information

Royal Cargo opts for Goldhofer heavy transport equipment

It has also been in action moving tunnel boring machines (TBM) for the Metro Manila Subway project ... machine part posed a significant challenge due ... More Information

Tunnel breakthrough on NI Water's £7.8M Portadown wastewater project

The tunnel boring machine excavated roughly 1,000m3 of material, which would have risen to 8,000m3 of spoil with a more traditional open-cut method. More Information

The Boring Company announces Cybertunnel at Tesla Texas HQ

In January, the company's latest tunnel boring machine (TBM), Prufrock 3, was first spotted near Tesla's Giga Texas. Prufrock-3 has ... More Information

How do you build tunnels and bridges underwater?

Underground construction usually uses powerful tunnel-boring machines to excavate soil directly. This machine is often called a mole for a reason. More Information

Five Huge New Construction Projects Coming To The US

A spokesperson for the project told Newsweek: "The Hudson Tunnel Project is a generational investment that is expected to create 95,000 new jobs and ... More Information

Chennai Metro Corridor 3: Adyar River Tunnel Work Hampered By Geological Setbacks

For the stretch between Greenways Road and Adyar, CMRL engaged two TBMs, 'Kauvery' and 'Adyar.' These machines were launched from Greenways Road ... More Information

French and Danish firms to build Valby 'cloudburst tunnel'

The underground tunnel will be 2,380m long and will be constructed as a drilled tunnel with an internal diameter of 3.4m. The tunnel will have the ... More Information

Howard's approved budgets include $44.9M for Ellicott City tunnel

The Howard County Council has approved a $2.4 billion operating budget for fiscal 2025, along with a $413 million capital construction budget that ... More Information

DC Water Breaks Ground On Potomac River Tunnel Project

DC Water on May 21 hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to officially commence construction activities for the Potomac River Tunnel Project... More Information

Silvertown Tunnel portal connections completed

A complete transformation of the tunnel shape was needed to connect the circular tunnel boring machine (TBM) constructed ... More Information

The $4BN Tunnel to Save Stockholm - The B1M

Above: A tunnel entrance under construction. When it completes in 2030, the $4BN project will be one of the longest road tunnel systems in the world. More Information

OHLA awarded the Gjønnes tunnel in Norway for nearly 160 million euros

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has awarded the company the design and construction of the Gjønnes tunnel for 156 ... More Information

Utilities tunnel dug through 'challenging' ground conditions under River Tees

Main contractor Farrans Construction worked with specialist contractor Joseph Gallagher to construct the tunnel. During its five weeks of tunnelling ... More Information

China develops world's first boring and blasting machine

In a groundbreaking development, the world's first boring and blasting machine, jointly developed by Tsinghua University and China Railway Science and Industry Group, has successfully ... More Information

Tunnel boring machine wedged in hard rock, leaving Snowy 2.0 hydropower project with new issues

Tunnelling problems are plaguing the $12 billion Snowy 2.0 hydropower project, with a boring machine previously bogged in soft ground now wedged in ... More Information

Construction Complete On New High-Speed Rail Tunnel

Inside the completed Desheng Tunnel, and inset, a Chinese high-speed train. Work on the project is now complete. © China ... More Information

DC Water Breaks Ground on Potomac River Tunnel Project

The Project consists of a large-diameter deep sewer tunnel, diversion facilities, drop shafts, and support structures to capture flows from existing ... More Information

Morocco’s proposed $13 billion underwater tunnel to connect Europe to Africa by 2030s

An historic intercontinental rail link is aiming to link Europe to Morocco with an ambitious underwater tunnel. The Moroccan National Company for Strait Studies (SNED) announced last ... More Information

Government set to fund £1bn final HS2 London tunnel drive

The project was halted as part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s £6.5bn cost-cutting plan announced last October. This involved axing phase 2 to Manchester and finding a private investor ... More Information

HS2 Project Update, May 2024

Our Victorian railways have carried us successfully through history, but with passenger numbers continuing to rise, investing in new, modern railway lines like HS2 is the key to meet the ... More Information

PM inaugurates breakthrough of Sunkoshi Marin Diversion tunnel

A breakthrough of the Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Multi-purpose Project tunnel has been made... More Information

Toronto's Eglinton Crosstown extension moves closer to tunnelling completion

The project is being delivered by Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx. West End Connectors was awarded the C$729M (£425M) contract to design, build ... More Information

_Fehmarnbelt tunnel program hits major milestone

DEME Group said that the Fehmarnbelt tunnel project, one of Europe's largest infrastructure projects, has achieved a significant milestone with ... More Information

The incredbile new £12bn mega-tunnel that could end traffic chaos in world famous city

Construction on the £12.63 billion mega-tunnel has already begun and it is expected to be open in 2035. · Animation for The Hudson River Tunnel project. More Information

Great Lakes Tunnel Project makes progress

Ready to move forward. Enbridge is preparing to begin tunnel construction as soon as possible, following receipt of environmental permits ... More Information

Hudson Tunnel Project is expected to create 95,000 jobs

The report is based on research done on behalf of the Gateway Development Commission. “The Hudson Tunnel Project is the most pressing infrastructure ... More Information

The $2.8BN Megaproject Dividing London

London is building a controversial new tunnel under the River Thames. Head to https://brilliant.org/TheB1M/ for a 30-day free trial + the first 200 people will receive 20% off their ... More Information

Namma Metro: Underground tunnel work on Pink Line 95% complete

This underground portion includes the ambitious task of constructing 20.992 km of twin tunnels. Progress is also underway on the construction of 18 ... More Information

How an ancient water tunnel design is cooling 21st-century streets

In Seville, 3,000-year-old underground technology is being transformed in modern day air-conditioning. An aqueduct at the unopened CartujaQanat pilot ... More Information

Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program B&P Tunnel Replacement Project

Project Description: Proposed utility and roadway relocations include civil work to support the construction of Amtrak's Frederick Douglass Tunnel. More Information

Fehmarnbelt | Purpose-built vessel arrives to line tunnel trench with gravel 'cushion'

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a new road and rail tunnel being constructed between Denmark and Germany. It will comprise 89 precast concrete ... More Information

Successful Breakthrough of Gudauri Tunnel in Georgia's North-South Corridor KK Highway Project

KAZBEGI, Georgia, April 23, 2024--The 10-kilometer LOT1 Section is constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd., of which the Gudauri ... More Information

Construction of Shinku La Tunnel to bolster all-weather connectivity in Ladakh Rising Kashmir

Leh, Apr 21: Member of Parliament from Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, announced that work on the strategically vital Shinku La Tunnel is set to ... More Information