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Press Release - Landmark Breakthrough for Robbins TBM ‘Big Tex’

Press Release - Landmark Breakthrough for Robbins TBM ‘Big Tex’

On 25/07/2022 the large Robbins Main Beam TBM, dubbed ‘Big Tex’, broke through in Dallas, Texas, USA.   The machine and its continuous conveyor system, for the Mill ... More Information

Sound Transit Board confirms preferred alternative for West Seattle Link Extension, requests further study of Ballard alternatives

Sound Transit Board confirms preferred alternative for West Seattle Link Extension, requests further study of Ballard alternatives

On 28/07/2022 the Sound Transit Board identified preferred light rail route and station locations for the West Seattle Link Extension. Identification of Ballard Link Extension preferred alternative ... More Information

TERRATEC delivers more EPBMs for Chennai Metro Phase-II Tunneling work

TERRATEC delivers more EPBMs for Chennai Metro Phase-II Tunneling work

TERRATEC delivers two more TBMs that will be used by Tata Projects Ltd. for the Chennai Metro Rail Phase-II Corridors in India. TERRATEC marks its latest milestone on the Chennai Metro Rail ... More Information

Light-rail tunnel to Ontario International Airport Project in San Bernardino County (California)

Light-rail tunnel to Ontario International Airport Project in San Bernardino County (California)

Ontario International Airport (ONT), located in the heart of the San Bernardino Valley (California), is the fastest growing commercial airport in the U.S. with a passenger volume expected to grow by ... More Information

Press release -HS2 celebrates historic first tunnelling breakthrough

Press release -HS2 celebrates historic first tunnelling breakthrough

HS2 Ltd is today [Tuesday 26 July] celebrating the very first tunnelling breakthrough on Europe’s largest infrastructure project. A 2,000-tonne TBM named ‘Dorothy’ – after ... More Information

West Gate Tunnel - TBM Bella hits 1km!

West Gate Tunnel -  TBM Bella hits 1km!

TBM Bella, 110 days after it began its journey, has reached 1.073 m of her 4km journey digging the West Gate Tunnel Project’s outbound tunnel. The second TBM, Vida has tunneled 23% of her ... More Information

A tiny TBM for the Suburban Rail Loop

A tiny TBM for the Suburban Rail Loop

At just 32cm in diameter, a remote-controlled TBM is now drilling under the streets of Clayton as part of construction of Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East, between Cheltenham and Box Hill.   The ... More Information

Grand Paris Express - July Updates

Grand Paris Express - July Updates

Line18  - Last week the TBM Céline reached the Grande Ceinture manufact for the Grand Paris Express’s Line 18.  A symbolic first step in its underground journey to join ... More Information

Georgia - Updates on Kvesheti-Kobi Highway project

Georgia - Updates on Kvesheti-Kobi Highway project

The Kvesheti-Kobi Highway project is situated entirely in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, across the Dusheti and Kazbegi municipalities. It spans from the Kvesheti area and Khada Valley in the Dusheti ... More Information

UYAK2023 - 5th International Underground Excavations Symposium and Exhibition

UYAK2023, the 5th International Underground Excavations Symposium and Exhibition, will be held in Istanbul on March 2023, with the cooperation of the TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers Istanbul ... More Information

BBT - excavations begin for lot H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons

BBT -  excavations begin for lot H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons

Excavation work has begun on the main tunnel for BBT construction lot H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons, in Ahrental near Innsbruck. The Austrian Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler the patroness was ... More Information

ROBOFACTORY for TUNNELLING: the segment factory with zero people

The tunnelling world is experiencing an exponential growth thanks to the displacement of infrastructures in the underground and a phase of technological revolution, which involves the prefabrication of segments in mechanized excavation. More Information

Tunnelling work placement opportunity from TunnelCraft

Tunnelcraft and Balfour Beatty Vinci have joined forces to create an exciting opportunity for people interested in working on a live tunnelling project. The project is in Long Itchington Wood, ... More Information

Have you seen Häny AGs' E Book?

At Häny AG - Mixing and Injection Technology they are offering grouting equipment in a large variety of executions such as a very compact design, platform mounted or containerized plants. ... More Information

HS2 offers tunnelling career trial in Warwickshire

HS2 offers tunnelling career trial in Warwickshire

Press release - HS2’s construction partner, Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV), is offering the chance to trial a new career working on the giant tunnelling machines that will bore beneath the ground ... More Information

Prague metro line D - construction begins

Prague metro line D - construction begins

Construction of the Prague metro Line D has begun not far from the existing Pankrác C station, in the PAD2 locality - the consortium SubterraAS, Hochtief CZ, Strabag AS, Hochtief ... More Information

ITA Awards 2022 - deadline extension

The entries deadline for the 8th edition of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards  has been extended to the 18th  July 2022. The entries can be submitted in 8 ... More Information

Last Breakthrough for the Monte Aglio tunnel on Naples-Bari HS/HC

On 22/06/2022 the last breakthrough was held for the 4km Monte Aglio tunnel, linking Maddaloni and Valle di Maddaloni, on the Cancello-Frasso Telesino section of the Naples-Bari High Speed/High ... More Information

WTC2023 Early Registration is available

WTC2023 Early Registration is available

The premier event for the Tunnelling and Underground Space Community is here! The Abstracts' Submission period is over and it is now time to Register! Do not miss the opportunity to register on ... More Information

Self-supporting Modular Formwork for Tunnels

Self-supporting Modular Formwork for Tunnels

Press release - The Modular Self-supporting Formwork for Tunnels built by CM Lafer for R.T.I DONATI S.p.A.- N.V. BESIX S.A. has just completed the first casting on the east mouth of the ... More Information

Cross River Rail Project - July Updates

Brisbane’s new underground making tracks - Rail tracks installation in the Brisbane's Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels commenced from just south of the future Albert Street station, and ... More Information

Transport infrastructure: EU invests EUR 5.4 billion to support key projects across the continent

   135 transport infrastructure projects - among the 399 applications submitted under the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) - applications closed on 19 January 2022 - have been ... More Information

Planning for a metro extension linking Glenfield to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis underway

Work will start immediately on a AUD77.5 million business case to extend the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport (WSA) Line from the Western Sydney Aerotropolis to Glenfield, via ... More Information

Topping out ceremony for the Fehmarnbelt link’s tunnel factory

Topping out ceremony for the Fehmarnbelt link’s tunnel factory

Press release - This month, Femern A/S and the main contractor, FLC, held a topping out ceremony at the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s main construction site in Rødbyhavn on Lolland: the roof and ... More Information

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference (FLBC) will be held again on September 29, 2022.

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference (FLBC) will take place in Rødbyhavn on September 29, 2022 at 9.16. FLBC will primarily focus on the business opportunities that come in connection with ... More Information

Another major milestone

Press release - Earlier this month, another major milestone ahead of tunnelling for the Silvertown Tunnel was achieved when the first elements of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) were lowered into ... More Information

Snowy 2.0 – June Updates

Lobs Hole - The TBM Lady Eileen Hudson has now excavated 2.2km of the main access tunnel, with 600 m remaining to reach the northern end of the power station complex. Once complete, the TBM ... More Information

Grand Paris Express - TBM Maud installs its first ring for Line 16

Another milestone has been reached on the construction site of line 16, lot 3 in Champs-sur-Marne in Ile-de-France! Last week TBM Maud, named in honor of Maud Tallet, mayor of ... More Information

New cross-connection for Södertörn

New cross-connection for Södertörn

The Swedish government is implementing the investment in a new road connection for Södertörn between E4 / E20 and road 73 to enable safe, efficient and sustainable travel. The Swedish ... More Information

TBM assembly has started for Broadway Subway in Vancouver

TBM assembly has started for Broadway Subway in Vancouver

At the end of May the 2nd and final shipment of TBM parts for the Broadway Subway Project arrived! Now assembly of the first TBM is under way at the future GNW-Emily Carr Station site. On 14/06/2022 ... More Information

The first TBM of the Chengdu Metro Line 18 breaks through

The first TBM of the Chengdu Metro Line 18 breaks through

On 06/06/2022 China Railway 22nd Bureau’ completed the first tunnel of Chengdu Metro Line 18 project, Phase 3. The TBM Excellence broke through and completed 3 months ahead of schedule. The ... More Information

First Breakthrough - Semmering Base Tunnel SBT1.1

First Breakthrough - Semmering Base Tunnel SBT1.1

Göstritz (lot SBT1.1) - On June 8th, 2022, after 8 years of construction, the 1st breakthrough took place between contract lot SBT1.1-Tunnel Gloggnitz and contract lot SBT2.1-Tunnel ... More Information

Ceremony held for the 1st TBM to be used for 2nd Gotthard tube’s access tunnel

The inauguration ceremony of the first TBM to be used to drive the access tunnel of the Gotthard motorway tunnel’s second tube was held on the 09/06/2022. The Client is the Federal Roads ... More Information

New milestones on the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway

Fuyou tunnel - On June 10th , after 610 days of construction, the Fuyou tunnel part of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway, was successfully completed. It was built by the No. 1 Company of China Railway ... More Information

CODEL – tunnel analysers

CODEL – tunnel analysers

CODEL were the first company in the industry to sell dedicated tunnel analysers in the market, releasing the TunnelMaster in 1999. Prior to this, adapted stack emissions analysers for CO and ... More Information

North East Link TBMs on the way

Two giant TBMs - 90m long, 15.6 m in diameter and 4000 tons in weight - have been ordered from the German supplier Herrenknecht to help build the North East Link’s 6.5km road tunnels that ... More Information

Tunnelling News

Judge rejects challenge to £1.7bn Stonehenge Tunnel

The High Court has thrown out a case brought by campaigners against the £1.7bn Stonehenge Tunnel project. Mr Justice Holgate said most of the ... More Information

9 of the longest underwater tunnels in the world

These stations are the first railway stations constructed under the sea and serve as emergency escape points in case of a disaster. Today, the Seikan ... More Information

EPC contractors sought for Dubai's £17bn sewer tunnels project

The strategic sewerage tunnels project by Dubai Municipality known as the Deep Tunnels Portfolio will involve the construction of wastewater assets ... More Information

The $7BN Mega-Tunnels You've Never Heard Of

But thanks to some incredible underground construction methods, Antwerp is now on course to complete a massive piece of infrastructure it's been ... More Information

3 listed & 2 Unlisted get LOA to build Mumbai Coastal Road Ext

The underground tunnel will run below Malad and Kandivali through the Mangrove creeks and a tunnel boring machine (TBM) will be used for this phase. More Information

New tunnel planned to under the Thames at Tilbury and Gravesend

ianVisits ... tunnel (c) National Grid. Construction will be done by a conventional tunnel boring machine (TBM), which will launch from a 41-metre deep shaft dug ... More Information

Third tunnel breakthrough on Guildford sewage works

A micro-TBM recently broke through on a new tunnel being built for Thames Water's project to relocate sewage treatment works in Guildford. More Information

Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate

Opposition in Shizuoka Prefecture emerged from fears the planned tunnel construction for the line could adversely affect the overall volume of water ... More Information

World's most expensive tunnel that ended up costing a whopping £2.3m a day to build

Over 5000 construction workers were employed to complete the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in the United States. More Information

Underground or Elevated Metro Rail – Which One is Better for India?

The cost of tunnel boring machines (TBM) is another significant component. The tunneling cost can be reduced by making longer tunnel contract ... More Information

From Undersea Tunnel To Station Redevelopment

The NHSRCL will construct an adjoining tunnel location as part of the package. To construct this tunnel, the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) with a ... More Information

Second tunnel boring machine for Broadway Subway reaches South Granville Station

The tunnel boring machines will end their journey just before Arbutus Station, which spans two city blocks, with the west block used as the footprint ... More Information

BESIX-MTH awards Nordhavn work to Bravida

... construction of the Nordhavn Tunnel. By & Havn is tasked with developing Ørestad and the port of Copenhagen and runs the daily operations of the ... More Information

After India's first undersea tunnel, Mumbai to get its longest intra-city underground road

... construction with viaducts and modern safety measures. The Coastal Road tunnel is India's first undersea tunnel, constructed using a 12-metre ... More Information

3,200 tonne TBM delivered to France-Italy rail tunnel project

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) manufactured by German tunnelling and mining firm Herrenknecht has been delivered to the Lyon-Turin Mont Cenis base ... More Information

FPT Industrial engines power the construction of the longest immersed tunnel in the world

The construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is an important addition to Europe's sustainable transport network of the future. It will offer the ... More Information

Work resumes at Silkyara tunnel after 2 months

On the instructions of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, construction work of protective nature has begun from both Barkot and ... More Information

Webuild Joint Venture awarded Pape Tunnel and Underground Stations Progressive DB contract

Webuild will lead a joint venture to develop the project for the "Pape Tunnel and Underground Stations (PTUS)" section of the Ontario Line, the new rapid transit line that will run through ... More Information

Third Tunnel Boring Machine Lowered at Panagal Park

In a significant milestone for the Chennai Metro Phase 2 project, the third Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) has been successfully lowered at the ... More Information

T2D Project benefits

Adelaide is the country's only mainland capital city without a non-stop motorway in its metropolitan area. The existing transport network is struggling to meet demand, with more than ... More Information

LONDON'S SUPER SEWER: A last visit to the tunnels

With shafts being capped off across the #SuperSewer project, CEO Andy Mitchell paid a visit to Chambers Wharf in Bermondsey for what could be the last time he sees the vast tunnel ... More Information

SKATE Competence Matrix for Tunnelling

The Tunnelling SKATE matrix consolidates best practice and benchmarks the role levels and Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Training and Experience criteria for most occupations involved in ... More Information

Casablanca, Madrid and the Strait of Gibraltar tunnel megaproject

The Strait of Gibraltar tunnel megaproject is one of the few engineering projects in the world with the capacity to change the geopolitical order and relations between Europe and Africa... More Information

Metrolinx - inside the tunnel

Metrolinx is sharing a rare look inside the record-breaking tunnel currently being carved out for the 7.8-kilometre Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE) project... More Information

HS2 Project Update, January 2024

HS2 is preparing to enter a critical new phase with the development of state-of-the-art rail systems that will allow passengers to enjoy some of the world’s most reliable intercity train ... More Information

Kalpataru Projects International bags orders worth Rs 3244 crore

TBM (tunnel boring machine) tunnelling scope. Advt. According to a statement, Kalpataru Projects International Ltd (KPIL) along with its joint ... More Information

UK's HS2 High-speed Rail Nears $6B Fit-out Phase

... tunnels. Under the Chiltern Hills, around 25 miles from London, two tunnel boring machines have completed 90% of the project's longest drives, of ... More Information

Akron gets approval for smaller Northside Interceptor Tunnel, but more work planned

He said the tunnel boring machine, which must be custom-built, has been put on order. "We had to bid this project by a certain date," he said ... More Information

Shimla introduces modern tunnel

Shimla, the picturesque capital of Himachal Pradesh, has unveiled a state-of-the-art tunnel, replacing a historic passage that served for 171 ... More Information

Launch of work for India's first undersea tunnel milestone in 2023 for bullet train project

... construction, the statement said. Civil works for stations have started along with works on Surat and Sabarmati high-speed rail depots. The ... More Information

Shimla's Sanjauli-Dhalli Tunnel Is Now Open; 26 More Tunnel Projects for the Himalayan Region

For enhanced connectivity and safer infrastructure, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu inaugurated the newly constructed ... More Information

Construction firms sign $174M contract to work on Howard Street Tunnel improvement project

Swedish company Skanska and Illinois-based Fay Construction Co. have signed a $174 million contract with CSX Transportation for the Howard Street ... More Information

Sub sea tunnel opening in the Faroe Island

The Sandoyatunnel was opened for the public. The tunnel is the last of the two tunnels in the Eysturoy - Sandoy project. Each of the tunnels are around 11 km in length and the project is a ... More Information

Waterfront Tunnel

Today, the Waterfront Tunnel stretches from AlexRenew to the end of King Street, over 150 feet below the Potomac riverbed. Only a few more blocks to go in her 2-mile-long, waterway-saving ... More Information

Mechanical Earthworm: The Wonders of the TBM in Action

Welcome back to another installment in our series on the Ritom Power Plant refurbishment. Today, we delve into how the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) used in the project operates. ... More Information

HRBT Expansion Project

Follow HRBT Expansion Project Director, Ryan Banas for the Fall 2023 Project Tour Video as he takes us on an inside look at progress, plans, and construction updates across the corridor... More Information

Tunnels and Underground Works for Pumped Storage Hydropower Projects: Challenges and Opportunities Panel Discussion

The NSW ATS invites all members, non-members and students to participate in this captivating hybrid (in person and webinar) panel discussion centred on the challenges and opportunities for ... More Information

Lower Thames Crossing, Driving Carbon out of Construction

In December 2023, we brought together our Delivery Partners and a large cross section of the UK construction industry to share our plans to drive carbon out of the construction of the ... More Information

HS2 tunnel segments on the move from Hartlepool to London

Deliveries of HS2’s tunnel segments have begun from Hartlepool, using the UK’s rail network to minimise road traffic and drastically reduce carbon emissions. STRABAG, the company ... More Information