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Dubai Metro Unveils Plans for 30-Kilometer Blue Line Expansion


Dubai's iconic metro system is set to undergo a major transformation with the addition of a new 30-kilometer track, known as the Blue Line. This significant development, revealed through a recent tender by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), aims to address the city's burgeoning economic and urban growth by seamlessly connecting the existing Red and Green Metro lines. 

The Blue Line will span a total length of 30 kilometers, with 15.5 kilometers running underground and 14.5 kilometers above ground. Comprising 14 stations, the line will feature seven elevated stations, including an iconic one, five underground stations, including an interchange station, and two elevated transfer stations linked to the existing Centrepoint station (eastern terminus of the Red Line in Rashidiya) and Creek station (southern terminus of the Green Line in Al Jaddaf). 

While specific details regarding the route, cost, and timeline remain undisclosed, the tender includes provisions for the supply of 28 new driverless trains, the construction of a new depot capable of housing up to 60 trains, and the development of associated infrastructure such as roads, facilities, and utility diversion works. 

The selected contractor or consortium for the Blue Line project will be responsible for a range of tasks, including civil works encompassing detailed design and construction of various components, execution of electromechanical works, and the design, procurement, and delivery of operation and control systems for rail, stations, and facilities. Additionally, the contractor will handle the design, manufacturing, and supply of rolling stock. 

As the world's longest driverless metro network, inaugurated on September 9, 2009, the Dubai Metro has been a cornerstone of the city's public transport system, serving over 2 billion commuters in the past 14 years. With 129 trains currently in operation, the metro system boasts a punctuality rate of 99.7 percent and exceeds international safety standards, contributing to Dubai's ambitious goal of achieving a 30 percent share of driverless public transport by 2030. 

The Blue Line extension aligns with the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan, launched in March 2021 to anticipate the city's population reaching 5.8 million by 2040. Addressing the increasing population density, the plan aims to place 55 percent of residents within 800 meters of mass transit stations, ensuring that 80 percent of daily requirements are within a 20-minute journey, whether by foot, bicycle, or public transport. 

By facilitating mobility to key urban centers and enhancing linkages between major hubs of economic and social activities, the Blue Line project is positioned as a vital component of Dubai's comprehensive strategy for sustainable urban development. Prospective companies seeking involvement in the Blue Line initiative must submit detailed proposals by November 24, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Dubai's world-class metro network.