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Italy/Sicily - Second TBM for the Giampilieri-Fiumefreddo section has passed its FAT

Italy/Sicily - Second TBM for the Giampilieri-Fiumefreddo section has passed its FAT

On 11th  September 2023 the TBM EPB - diameter 9.36 m and weight of approximately 900 t - which will be used by Webuild for the construction of the Letojanni and Forza d'Agrò tunnels on the Giampilieri-Fiumefreddo section of the Messina-Catania high capacity line, has successfully passed the final tests in the CRCHI factory in China.  

The TBM will therefore be dismantled in the next few days, and will be transported to Sicily, where it is expected to arrive in January 2024. The excavation will start in March 2024. 

Back in May the TBM EPB 1193 - diameter 9.16 m, length 135 m and weight 1,900 t – also passed its FAT. It was the first of the 3 TBMs (1193, 1237 and 1194) manufactured by CREG for the excavation of the Sciglio, Taormina and Scaletta tunnels on the Giampilieri-Fiumefreddo section.  

Webuild on the Messina-Catania line in consortium with other companies secured the contracts for the construction of: 

Lot 1, Fiumefreddo-Taormina/Letojanni section, lenght 13.90 km,  73.5% of which underground with the following tunnels: Fiumefreddo (773 m), Calatabiano (3349 m, single-tube and double-track) and Taormina I ( 6097 m, double-tube). Click here 

Lot 2, Taormina-Giampilieri section, lenght 28.28 km, 90% of which underground with 6 bitube and 2 single tube  tunnels:  Taormina II (2134 m), Letojanni (3866 m), Forza d'Agrò (2467 m), Sciglio (9258 m), Nizza (492 m), Ali (275 m), Quali (4187 m) and Scaletta (2744 m). Click here.  

Meanwhile Webuild is building a fully automated and robotic factory in Belpasso, Catania province, for the production of the segments that will line the tunnels of the two lots on the Catania-Messina line. The first of its kind in Italy, the factory will be able to produce a segment every 7 minutes (compared to 10 minutes in the absence of total automation).  

For further information click it/115 for the tunnelbuilder archive. Connect to https://www.webuildgroup.com . 38/23