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Nye Veier announces the first tender for the E6 Ranheim-Værnes

Nye Veier announces the first tender for the E6 Ranheim-Værnes

Nye Veier has sent out the first tender information for the Ranheim-Vaernes section at the end of October/beginning of November. The first competitive dialogue will include completion of the section Ranheim up to and including Svebergkrysset - a section of approximately 15 km. 

The competitive dialogue will be conducted according to the procurement procedure competition with negotiations, and Nye Veier aims to sign a contract with the selected turn key contractor at the beginning of May 2024.  

The contract will be based on NS8407 - Turnkey contract with target price. A collaboration phase will be carried out to determine the final work description and target price after the turnkey contractor has been selected.

The design consultant will be transferred to the turnkey contractor after the tender has been finalised. There will therefore be no qualification requirements for design references in the competition.

Information on the timing of the other tenders for the remaining section from Sveberg to Værnes will be provided later.

-"Based on feedback from the market, we are confident that this and the upcoming tenders will be of great interest," says Bjørn Børseth, Director of Contracts and Marketing at Nye Veier.

The competitive dialogue will be conducted in Norwegian, and the contract will require the use of Norwegian in communication between the turnkey contractor and the client. 

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