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Kanpur metro - TBM Nana reaches Bada Chauraha Station

Kanpur metro - TBM Nana reaches Bada Chauraha Station

This September the Gulermak - Sam India Builtwell JV’s TBM S93 - 6.52 m diameter and 120 m length - named Nana after Nana Saheb Peshwa and built by Terratec,  reached the Bada Chauraha Station, marking its third breakthrough in the 32.4 km Kanpur Metro Phase 1 project. The machine, launched at the Naveen Market Metro Station and completed the construction of the 510 m up-line tunnel from Naveen Market to Bada Chauraha, installing 362 rings. Now, this TBM will be removed from the Bada Chauraha Metro Station and lowered at the launching shaft at MacRobertganj. 

Meanwhile the refurbished Terratec's TBM EPB S92 - 6.52 m diameter and 120 m length - named Tatya after Tatya Tope,  is driving the down-line tunnel between Naveen Market and Bada Chauraha. At the beginning of 2023 it broke through at Nayaganj Station and now it has bored 300 m of tunnel with 210 rings installed. The tunnel construction work will be completed soon.   

This accomplishment is part of the larger plan that involves a total of 8 breakthroughs in the 3.619 km Package KNPCC-05 section, which connects the Permat Ramp to Nayaganj Station.  

For further information  click here and in/87 for the tunnelbuilder archive and visit https://lmrcl.com/kanpur-metro/route-map, https://www.gulermak.com.tr/ and https://www.samindia.com/ and http://www.terratec.co/. 37/23.