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India, Dhaulinga - in/26


Rockfill dam with diversion tunnel underway. Headrace 5.8 km-long x 6.5 m-diameter, tailrace 500 m-long x 6.5 m-diameter, together with short access adit 2 km upstream from surge shaft and underground powerhouse for 4 x 70 MW turbines. Tailrace exits in Kali river. Completion 2004. More from www.nhpcindia.com November 2000.


India, Maharashtra - in/25


  As part of Krishna-Koyna lift irrigation scheme on Krishna river, B T Patil reports completion of entry and exit portals and 1.5 km of total 7.955 km of 5.6 m x 6.15 arched tunnel, together with three 11.9 m x 6.4 m rectangular access shafts to depths of 51 m, 42 m, and 28 m in basalt and deccan trap. All excavation is drill/blast using Atlas Copco handheld pneumatic machines. Contractor proposes to complete $11 million contract in early-2002, taking 30 months against schedule of 60 months. More from patson@bgl.vsnl.net.in Visit equipment manufacturer www.atlascopco.com October 2000.


India, Sikkim - in/24


Teesta V will have an underground powerhouse 99.5 m x 50.5 m x 23 m-high to house 3 units of 170 MW and transformer cavern will be 85 m x 15 m x 25 m-high with an 8 m x 8 m access tunnel. Three 176 m x 4.7 m-diameter steel-lined vertical pressure shafts and a 92 m-high x 25 m-diameter surge shaft. The headrace will be 17.78 km-long x 9.5 m-diameter circular section with three 132 m-long x 6 m-wide D-shaped tailrace tunnels. Two 12.5 m-diameter diversion tunnels 550 m and 600 m in length will be required on the right bank of the Teesta river. Three desilting chambers 315 m-long x 20 m-wide x 22.5 m-high downstream of intake with 4.5 m-diameter circular section silt flushing tunnels. Five sites have been identified for 7 m x 7 m access adits for construction. Pre-construction work underway on 7-year programme. Visit www.nhpcindia.com October 2000.


India, Uttar Pradesh - in/23

Dhauliganga Hydro

280 MW project financed by JBIC underway with start of construction work on main underground components by National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. Visit www.nhpcindia.com August 2000.


India, Maharashtra - in/22

Arphal Water Transfer

  Kvaerner Cementation India underway on 16.6 km, 30 sq m cross section arched, unsupported tunnel in basalt using two Atlas Copco Boomer 281 drillrigs on four faces accessed from two adits. Both portals sub-contracted. More from info@kvaerner.com . October 1999.


India, Kashmir - in/21

Dul Hasti Hydro

  Jaiprakash getting underway at Jammu using nine Atlas Copco L2D Boomers equipped with 1838 Rocket drifters. October 1999.


India, Baspa - in/20


  Private power project being developed by Jaiprakash Industries for commissioning 2002. Powerhouse excavation complete and headrace tunnel well underway using Atlas Copco Boomer 352s. October 1999.


India, Himachal Pradesh - in/19


  Jaiprakash underway using Robbins 8.3 m hardrock TBM to bore headrace in quartzite and six Atlas Copco 352 and 353 drillrigs mining the chambers. Norconsult is involved as designer. October 1999.Hindustan Construction Company has been awarded Stage III of the Chamera hydroelectric project by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC). Stage III of the scheme is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh on the banks of the river Ravi. The project comprises of a 68 m-high dam, an underground power house (3 units of 77 MW each), a 340 m-long 8.2 m-diameter horseshoe-shaped diversion tunnel, a 15.93 km-long 6.5 m-diameter concrete-lined headrace tunnel, a 18 m-diameter 110 m-high surge shaft, and two underground parallel desilting chambers (each 300 m x 13 m x 22 m in size). The project is valued at Rs5.05 billion and has a completion period of 60 months. Visit www.nhpcindia.com/english/press/uri2chamera3.htm and www.hccindia.com 46/05.


India, Himachal Pradesh - in/18

Nathpa Jakri Hydro

  Run of river 1,500 MW project with 27 km x 11 m-diameter circular headrace tunnel developed by jv of Impregilo and Hindustan Construction Company using nine Atlas Copco 352 and three 353E equipped with 1440 Rocket drifters. Work continuing on barrage and desilting chambers by jv of Continental and Foundation Corporation of Canada. Powerhouse excavation completed by Jaiprakash Industries together with 700 m tailrace. Alimak raise climbers in use in penstock development. On target for commissioning 2001. October 1999.


India, Bombay - in/17

Water Supply

  Bidding for final lot of four contracts that have been undertaken since mid-80s to provide fresh water to Bombay treatment plants. This package is for 12 km of 3.5 m-diameter tunnel in basalt. First lot completed by Gammon using a Demag TBM; second and third packages completed by Hindustan Construction Company using a Wirth TBM. October 1999.$35 million contract awarded to Hindustan Construction Company for 12 km-long tunnel to be constructed at 60 m depth to supply 355 million litre/day of water to Mumbai and district. Tata Consulting Engineers evaluated bids for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Sept 2000.