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United States, Colorado - us/40

Plateau Creek Water Transmission

Ute Water Conservancy District has awarded a $14.1 million contract for a 4 km-long, 3.18 m-diameter tunnel in sandstone and siltstone to a jv of Affholder and Barnard Construction. Affholder will use a Robbins hardrock TBM on a 20-month programme commencing April, 2000. January 2000.   Contractor reports two sections of tunnel required, lengths 3.1 km and 1 km. Geology is sandstone up to 25,000 psi, shales and siltstones to be supported by rockbolts, wire mesh, and shotcrete. TBM upgraded by Robbins with new main bearing and cutterhead. Tunnel designed by Lachel & Associates of Denver, CO for GEI Consultants of Englewood, CO. More information from www.robbinstbm.com May 2000.   Robbins reports major upgrade of Affholder TBM to cope with harder 25,000 psi ground. Modifications include new water-cooled motors to increase power from 500 hp to 800 hp, larger diameter gripper rams, and new main bearing and cutterhead. Tunnel designer is Lachel & Associates led by GEI Consultants of Englewood, CA. Visit www.lachel.com and www.robbinstbm.com June 2000.   Second Plateau Creek tunnel 3.05 km-long in sandstone will be holed through by Affholder using modified 3 m-diameter Robbins Model 91-155 TBM on March 16th, 2001. See Recordbreakers (Hall of Fame) for details of first drive. Visit www.robbinstbm.com 11/01.  Holethrough of 3.18 m-diameter Robbins TBM reported by Affholder 16th March, 2001 at $58 million, 3.15 km-long Plateau Creek Lower Canyon tunnel in sandstone and shale east of Grand Junction, CO. Maximum advance 69.7 m in a single 12 h shift claimed as a world record for this diameter tunnel in hard rock. Visit www.geiconsultants.com and www.robbinstbm.com 16/01.


United States, Ohio - us/39

Sewage Interceptor

    Big Walnut Augmentation/Rickenbacker Interceptor comprises 5.31 km of 4.45 m-diameter sewer tunnel in soft ground plus open cut reaches, manholes, and flow diversion structures. Lead designer is URS Greiner Woodward Clyde. Currently under design. Expect mid to late 2000 bid. Maintain contact at www.urscorp.com December 1999.  Big Walnut Augmentation/Rickenbacker Interceptor under design by URS Greiner Woodward Clyde as 5.54 km of 4.45 m-diameter soft ground drive with open cut reaches, manholes and flow diversion structures. Expect bid mid to late 2000. Maintain contact at www.urscorp.com January 2000.The bidders for the Big Walnut/Rickenbacker Interceptor in Columbus, Ohio are a JV of Traylor Bros., Jay Dee Contractors and Michels Pipeline Construction (lowest bid with $90.8 million), Affholder ($107.77 million) and a JV between Kenny Construction, J.F. Shea and Kassouf/Mole/Murray Hill ($107.85 million). The Big Walnut/Rickenbacker project is a 5.3 km 4.3 m ID sewer tunnel, a 1,250 m 4.3 m diameter pipe placed via open-cut methods, as well as seven shafts. Bolted and gasketed precast concrete segments will support the tunnel, which requires the use of full EPB or slurry TBM in glacial till and outwash with high groundwater table. The tunnel is the first of two projects designed to reduce stormwater overflow into the Scioto River and Big Walnut Creek, as well as transport flow to the wastewater treatment plant. The second project, the Outfall Augmentation Sewer, is expected to be tendered in 2004. URS Corp. is the lead designer for the City of Columbus with Lachel & Associates providing tunnel specialist services. 44/03.Lovat has delivered on 30th September a new EPB TBM model RME193SE Series 21200 for the Big Walnut Augmentation/Rickenbacher Interceptor (BWARI) tunnel project located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. The contractor is a JV of Jay Dee, Michels and Traylor. The project is part of a series of improvement projects that will increase flow capacity for sewers conveying sewage from a large part of Columbus to the city's southerly wastewater treatment plant. Part one consists of approximately 7 km of 4.6 m-diameter tunnel. The machine is to bore through a geological profile comprised of two primary types of soil deposits characterised as glacial till and glacio fluvial outwash materials. Additional soil deposits of uniform fine sands and man-made fill may also be encountered.The TBM will be erecting a primary tunnel lining consisting of a bolted and gasketed, precast concrete segments, configured as five pieces plus one key piece. Visit www.lovat.com 42/04.The McNally/Kiewit JV took delivery of their new Lovat TBM RME167SE series 21500, to be used for the Big Walnut Outfall Augmentation Sewer, Part II for the City of Columbus. This is the second Lovat TBM being used for the project. This is an EPB machine, equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for the cutting head. The cutting head drive operates from 2.2 rpm to 4 rpm, with constant horsepower. The major benefit of a VFD cutting head drive is that it is approximately 20% more efficient than that of a traditional hydraulic drive. A two-component grout system (grout and accelerant), injected through each segment's lifting hole, will be used. This allows very fast grout setting times for ring support. The grout system is interlocked with the machine's advance, thereby preventing the TBM from advancing unless the grout is being injected at the correct volume/pressure.The TBM is expected to drive through glacial till composed of clay, silt, sand, cobbles, gravel, boulders as well as glacio-fluvial / outwash and uniform fine sands. Water pressure is expected at 1.5 bar to a maximum of 2 bar. Visit www.lovat.com 30/05.


United States, Oregon - us/38


    1.5 km of 1.91 m-diameter soft ground tunnel plus numerous open cut reaches, shafts and connections. URS Greiner Woodward Clyde is geotechnical and tunnel design consultant, teamed with Montgomery Watson. Owner is City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. Invitations to bid expected late-1999 or early 2000. Details from www.urscorp.com December 1999.


United States, Rhode Island - us/37

Combined Sewer Overflow

  Assessment of ground conditions anticipated for phase 1 comprising 4.8 km-long, 7.9 m-diameter main spine tunnel; a 9.1 m-diameter shaft at each end for TBM installation and recovery; seven intermediate vertical drop shafts with connecting adits; and a large circular shaft at the southern end to house the pumpstation. Sandstone, siltstone/shale and graphitic shale predominate, with coal appearing in places. Long reaches at the southern end of the alignment are anticipated to be in good-to-average rock. Bidding expected year 2000. More information from Haley & Aldrich, fax +1 617 886 7600. November 1999. Chamber 22 m high x 22 m wide x 38 - 48 m long in design for pump station at south end of spine tunnel. Visit www.haleyaldrich.com Sept 2000.   Construction of three-phase CSO programme will commence mid-2001. Bid documents available mid-May and prebid meeting rescheduled for date to be advised in June, 2001 for phase 1 contract 01:302.06-C for 5.01 km-long, 8.27 m-diameter main spine tunnel in rock; seven adits totalling 1.3 km; two 8.27 m-diameter, 79.57 m-deep work shafts; tunnel pump station cavern 95.5 m-deep, 37.2 m-long x 19 m-wide x 20.7 m-high, connected to surface by 10.18 m-diameter utility shaft and 3.5 m-diameter access shaft; one 2.86 m-diameter drop shaft with 95 cm-diameter vent shaft, 76.38 m-deep. Contact ghughes@louisberger.com 16/01. Administrative delays on the preparation of contract 01:302.06-C (Tunnel) for the Narragansett Bay Commission have led to a resheduling of the tender for Contract 6 as follows: the contract will be advertised on 4th June, 2001; the prebid conference is on 19th June; bid opening 21st August; award will be made during early October, with notice to proceed on 1st November. Contact is Joseph Pratt, tel +1 401 521 5980, or visit www.louisberger.com 22/01. Bids opened 25th September for Narragansett Bay Commission Main Spine Tunnel and Ancillary Facilities, Contract 01:302.06-C as follows: Shank/Balfour Beatty, $163,527,245; JF Shea/Frontier Kemper, $167,600,000; Modern Continental, $227,357,950. Engineer's Estimate, $174,995,088. More from ghughes@louisberger.com or visit www.louisberger.com 40/01.In Providence, the Shank/Balfour Beatty jv has been awarded the contract to build a 5 km waste water tunnel, the Combined Sewer Overflow, in the Narragansett Bay. Visit http://narrabay.com 05/02.76 m-deep 4.9 km-long 7.92 m ID tunnel under Rhode Island's capital Providence under construction by Shank/Balfour Beatty JV using a Hitachi Zosen TBM. Lining with precast concrete segments and concrete final lining. Work on the USD318 million first phase of the CSO project began in May 2001 and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2008. The tunnel under construction will stretch from the Field's Point wastewater treatment plant to a foundry complex just west of downtown. The tunnel is designed to hold 235 million litres of the sewage-rainwater mix that would otherwise overflow sewer lines and flow into the Woonasquatucket and Providence Rivers. The project also includes a 35.66 m-long x 18.4 m-wide x 19.8 m-high cavern excavated using the drill/blast method by an Atlas Copco two-boom jumbo, six shafts and several adits.Two more phases are planned after that, possibly ending in 2020, which would involve building more pipes connected to a second wastewater treatment plant at Bucklin Point in East Providence, and constructing another 4.8 km tunnel from that plant to Central Falls. Total cost could reach USD1 billion. Visit www.narrabay.com 03/05.


Bidding alert for construction of Woonasquatucket CSO Interceptor that will connect to existing 5 km-long storage tunnel. Works include approximately 5.25 km of 1.27 m to 1.9 m-diameter near surface sewers in soil and rock; several connection and control structures; a 70 m-deep, 8.6 m-diameter work shaft; and a 70 m-deep, 573 m-long, 2.55 m-diameter tunnel in rock. Bidding scheduled for September, 2010. For project history since 1999, visit tunnelbuilder archive us/37. For background, visit www.narrabay.com/AboutUs/Facilities/MajorInitiatives/CSO.aspx. 37/10.


Request for Qualifications, deadline 27/09/2019,  for the Pawtucket Tunnel Project, first part of the Phase III of the NBC’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). The project includes ancillary underground features (i.e. drop shafts, launch shaft, receiving shaft, tunnel pump station shaft, adit tunnels) to support the functionality of the tunnel to serve as a CSO storage facility. The Pawtucket Tunnel is a rock tunnel, 140-ft to 180-ft below the ground surface, located north of the BPWWTF from 804 School  Street to 660 Roosevelt Avenue in Pawtucket, RI, adjacent to the Blackstone River (see Figure 1). The tunnel is approximately 11,600 feet in length with a 30-foot inside diameter.

Visit http://www.narrabay.com/umbraco/surface/RFP/RFPFile?id=642&type=P.

Ref.n. 308.01C. 38/19.


The CB3A joint-venture composed of the US-based subsidiary of Bouygues Travaux Publics (65%) and local civil works contractor Barletta Heavy Division (35%) secured the €394 million Pawtucket Tunnel Project contract in the Rhode Island Delta, approximately 75 km south of Boston.  The project includes the design and construction of the 3.5 km Pawtucket tunnel and its ancillary structures, the excavation of three main shafts and 4 drop shafts.   The tunnel will be excavated along the Seekonk River using a TBM specially designed to accommodate the varied geology of the route. Its 9-m internal diameter will enable it to collect and store a significant proportion of the region's rainwater, wastewater and industrial water pending treatment by the water treatment plant. CB3A will be supported by engineering company Aecom to carry out the design. The contract is for a period of 48 months. Visit https://www.bouygues.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/pr_pawtucket_12.01.2021.pdf. 02/21. 


United States, Washington - us/36

Pierce County Interceptor Sewer

Refurbished 1.98 m-diameter Lovat soft ground pipejacking EPB underway with Frank Coluccio Construction on 914 m section of Spanway Loop bypass interceptor at depths of 5 m below water table in compact to very dense medium-grained sands, fine sand, silt, gravel and some till. November 1999.  Frank Coluccio to excavate 1.97 km x 5.08 m-diameter Seattle Denny Way/Lake Union CSO using refurbished Lovat EPB. Visit www.lovat.com 27/01.


United States, Virginia - us/35

Combined Sewer Outfall

Prequalification for bidding in early-2000 for 1.9 km TBM tunnel with finished diameter of 4.45 m with 320 mm unreinforced concrete lining, two shafts, a pumping station and three 640 mm drilled ventilation shafts. Scheme also includes 445 m of smaller diameter pipelines. More details from Ed Cronin, Greeley Hansen, e-mail ecronin@greeley-hansen.com November 1999.  Tunnel now under bid at 2.1 km long with diameter acceptable between 5.25 m and 5.9 m. Contact ecronin@greeley-hansen.com March 2000.


United States, Ohio - us/34

Cleveland Wastewater

  Contract awarded by Northeast Regional Sewer District to KM&M/Kenny jv for 4.1 km-long, 6.36 m finished diameter TBM tunnel with cast-in-place concrete lining together with shafts, drop structures and 500 m of exploratory drive. Completion time 4 years. November 1999. Robbins 235-280 TBM ex-Morocco will be used for $51.5 million Mill Creek drive in Chagrin shale at depths of up to 80 m. Machine is presently at Robbins' Solon, OH workshops for major conversion from single shield to double shield and upgrade with addition of a ring beam erector for the proposed rib and lagging primary support. Robbins will also provide new TBM gantry back-up, 900 mm-wide tunnel conveyor, and vertical shaft conveyor. Design by Montgomery Watson with Parsons Brinckerhoff, Dawn Engineering and URS. Visit www.robbinstbm.com and www.urscorp.com June 2000.KM&M/Kenny will install ring beam primary support with meshed crown and timber-lagged invert in 100 Mpa shales, followed by CIP reinforced concrete, internal diameter 6.09 m. Robbins Model 234-280 TBM under refurbishment at Solon will be supplied with backup system, and horizontal and vertical conveyors. Start date late-November, 2000. Visit www.robbinstbm.com October 2000.


United States, Illinois - us/33

Fermilab Collider

Plans and specifications issued for construction of accelerator tunnels, underground halls and surface buildings. Contract administration by Rich Farritor, tel +1 630 840 4611. November 1999.Fermilab project awarded to S.A. Healy Company with Notice to Proceed issued on March 3rd, 2000. Mobilisation underway. May 2000.Fermilab announced contract award to S A Healy value $30.5 million for two caverns, two access shafts, and 1.2 km of drill/blast tunnel at 20 - 100 m depth in dolomite and shale. Healy has offered to use its 6.6 m-diameter Robbins TBM for the tunnel. Drill/blast excavation underway on two 8 m-diameter shafts to depths of 38 m and 107 m at ends of proposed tunnel. Contract completion scheduled January, 2002. Visit www.harza.com June 2000.


United States, Georgia - us/32


Prequalification completed for $130 million tunnel in granite, 15.8 km-long with 5.1 m finished diameter at depths of 38 m to 112 m together with associated shafts. Bid opening January, 27th 2000. Contact Wayne Price at Jordan, Jones & Golding, e-mail wprice@jjg.com November 1999.   Prequalified joint ventures include Obayashi/Atkinson, Kiewit/Healy, Kenny/Frontier, and Shea/Traylor. Plans and specifications will be issued and bids taken this Spring. March 2000.Chattahoochee job awarded to low bidder Kiewit/Healy. Robbins will supply two 6 m-diameter TBMs together with cutters, backup, tunnel conveyors, and shaft conveyor under a partnering agreement with contractor. Visit www.robbinstbm.com May 2000.


United States, Massachusetts - us/31

Braintree Weymouth Wastewater

  Awarded to Modern/Continental, value $73 million for completion May, 2002 comprising three shafts, 700 m of 10 sq m drill/blast tunnel and 3.8 km drive using Wirth 4.13 m TBM from 73 m-deep Weymouth shaft to Nut Island to connect with existing tunnel from Deere Island. All in hard rock with some faulting. Shaftsinking underway with TBM drive scheduled to start late-summer, 2000. Visit www.wirth-drilling.com for details of the TBM. November 1999.   Award to Affholder/Barnard jv of 4.26 km of 3.2 m tunnel to accommodate 1.27 m-diameter water line. Robbins 91-155 TBM will commence in New Year on first section 1.06 km upgrade at 3.4 % followed by 3.2 km at 1.04 %. Machine currently under refurbishment by Affholder. November 1999.  Modern Continental underway from 67 m-deep King's Cove shaft on 3.6 km-long x 4 m-diameter Braintree-Weymouth sewer using double-shielded Wirth hardrock TBM in argillite for completion March, 2002. Also mining 668 m-long x 3 m x 3 m drill/blast connection under Fore river to Quincy. Visit www.mwra.com and www.wirth-europe.com 30/01.