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Brazil, Sao Paulo - br/28


Public Call Notice for the receipt of projects, surveys, investigations and technical studies to support the construction of a 1.7 km underwater  tunnel between the Municipalities of Santos and  Guaruja. The interested parties have to send authorization requests by email to chamamento.tunel@brssz.com, in the subject line write  ‘Chamamento Publico para doações de estudos – Tunel Santos-Guaruj’. Authorizations issued by Santos Port Authority (SPA) will be published on the Porto de Santos website (www.portodesantos.com.br) 15 days after receipt of applications. Once authorized, participants will have 120 days to present their concepts to the Port Authority. Contact Autoridade Portuaria de Santos SA,  Santos, tel (13) 3202-6565, email chamamento.tunel@brssz.com. For further on tender, please click here and here. 15/21. 



Brazil, Sao Paulo - br/27

Metro Line 2

Consortium CRAlmeida-Ghella (35 percent)-Consbem secured the EUR620 million contract to design and build the 6.5 km-long Sao Paulo green metro line 2 extension, lot 2. The new 10.4 m-diameter underground section will be built by TBM for 5.8 km, and will include two stations (Penha and Penha de Franca) and seven shafts. Duration of works 72 months. Read the press release. 39/14.


Brazil, Sao Paulo - br/26

Metro Line 6

Closing Date: 30.07.2013 (Tender Closed)

On 29.04.2013 the Government of Sao Paulo re-issued the tender documents, deadline 30.07.2013, for a 25 years PPP contract to design, build and operate the 15.5 km-long Sao Paulo orange metro line 6: six years for design and construction and 19 years for operation and maintenance.

The new line, totally underground, will include 15 new stations from Brasilandia station to Sao Joaquim station of Line 1 (Blue line). The route will serve the northern and southern parts of Tiete River. The expected tunnel construction methods are: NATM for 1.8 km; rock TBM for 3.2 km; and soil TBM for 9.3 km. Estimated value EUR2.94 billion. Contact Secretariat of Metropolitan Transport of the State of Sao Paulo, e-mail ppplinha6@stm.sp.gov.br. Visit http://www.stm.sp.gov.br/index.php/acontece/ppp-linha-6 and http://www.stm.sp.gov.br/images/stories/temporarios/folder_english.pdf. Bid Code n. n.º 000770/2012. 22/13.


Linha Universidade Participacoes SA, formed by the headquarter Acciona Construccion and the subsidiary Acciona do Brasil Ltd has formalized the agreement to take over the concession to construct, maintain and operate the São Paulo Metro line 6 (or Orange line). The company signed the agreement for the transfer of the concession, along with the Brazilian consortium MOVE,  made up of Odebrecht Transport, Construtora Queiroz Galvao, UTC Participacoes and Eco Realty Investment Fund, which had been previously in charge of the project, and the Brazilian State of Sao Paulo. The project is valued at EUR2.27 billion (BRL15 billion). Once complete, Line 6 will serve 600,000 passengers per day.  The ACCIONA-led Concessionaria Linha Universidade Participacoes SA will now be in charge of completing the construction work on the line, which has been at a standstill since 2016. The project is expected to take five years. Once completed, the company will oversee the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure for a further 19 years. Visit https://www.acciona.com/. 41/20. 


Brazil, Santos - br/25

Port road

Royal HaskoningDHV awarded EUR5 million contract for engineering and project management of 500 m-long immersed tube tunnel to link Santos and Guaruja, cutting 50 km off round trip for freight vehicles. More from www.rhdhv.com. 16/13.


Brazil, Porto Alegre - br/24


Closing Date: 12.11.2012 (Tender Closed)

Expressions of interest are invited, until 12.11.2012, for the construction of the 14.8 km-long metro line in Porto Alegre. Metro Poa will run from Avenida Assis Brasil in the city centre to Avenida Borges de Medeiros in the north, with at least 13 stations. Contract value EUR918.9 million. Visit www.secopapoa.com.br/default.php?reg=1062&p_secao=9. 40/12.


Brazil, Sao Paulo - br/23

Metro Line 5

Companhia do Metropolitano de Sao Paulo (CMSP) awarded to Bombardier Transportation the EUR70 million turnkey contract to design, install and commission Cityflo 650 for the Sao Paulo Line 5 metro on the 8.4 km existing section, and on the 11.5 km extension under construction for opening in 2015. The new system will enable trains to circulate in safety with a short 75-second headway, thereby maximizing the line capacity. Visit www.metro.sp.gov.br and www.bombardier.com. 40/11.


Metro line 5 connects the periphery to the centre of Sao Paulo city, Capao Redondo to Chacara Klabin. The Capao Redondo to Largo Treze section is already in operation. Design and the construction of the second section Largo Treze-Chacara Klabin is underway, with Geodata Engineering managing the executive project and construction assistance, including seven lots for a total of 11 km of tunnels, 10 stations and 19 ventilation shafts and emergency exits. The expected duration of the project is 41 months from July, 2011. Tunnelling will be by NATM and TBM. Visit www.metro.sp.gov.br and www.geodatagroup.com. 41/11.


The Via Mobilidade Consortium formed by group CCR (83,4%) and by RuasInvest(16,6%) won  the concession of lines 5-Lilas and 17-Gold of the Sao Paulo subway system. The consortium offered EUR141.75 million (BRL 553.8 million) for the operation of services for 20 years.

The 20 km line 5-Lilas should have, when established, 17 stations, connecting districts from the Sao Paulo South Side, from Capao Redondo to Chacara Klabin.

The 7.7km elevated Line 17 is a monorail that will connect, through 10 stations, the district Morumbi to Congonhas airport. Visit http://www.saopaulo.sp.gov.br and http://www.metro.sp.gov.br/obras/linha-5-lilas/index.aspx. 05/18.



Brazil, Sao Paulo - br/22

Ring Road

Sao Paulo state highway department Dersa has commenced prequalification for construction of the north stretch of the Rodoanel Mario Covas ring road (SP-021), value EUR1.98 bn. The new road will connect the eastern and western sections of the Rodoanel Mario Covas beltway, passing through the cities of Aruja, Guarulhos and Sao Paulo. The project involves 44 km of road, including 111 structures and seven tunnels.The tender is split into six lots, five of which with tunnels: the 6.42 km lot 1 includes a 1,150 m tunnel; the 4.88 km lot 2 including two tunnels, length 350 m and 850 m; the 3.62 km lot 3 with two tunnels, 1,650 m and 1,070 m-long; the 9.10 km lot 4 with a 290 m-long tunnel; and the 7.88 km lot 5 with a 1,087 m-long tunnel. The 11.96 km lot 6 from Guarulhos and Aruja municipalities does not include tunnels. Construction start scheduled March, 2012 for completion November, 2014. Visit www.dersa.sp.gov.br/noticias/default.asp?cod=111. 39/11.


Brazil, Northeast - br/21


International call for tenders, deadline 9th May, 2007 for civil works, installation, assembly, testing and commissioning of E&M equipment as part of the first stage of the Sao Francisco River inter-basin transfer project in the states of Pernambuco, Ceara, Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte. The project includes a north axis and an east axis, representing a conveyance system of 722 km, whereof 591 km of canals, 20 km of pipelines, 51.6 km of tunnels (15 tunnels), and 26 reservoirs. Lot A includes the 726 m Angico tunnel and the 1,512 m Milagres tunnel. Lot B includes the 15,257 m Cuncas I tunnel, and the 4,015 m Cuncas II tunnel. Lot D includes the 6,489 m Monteiro tunnel. Lot E includes the 800 m Cacimba da Mata tunnel, the 1,200 m Bom Nome tunnel, the 1,200 m Cachoeira tunnel, the 900 m Tigre tunnel, the 2,500 m Ipojuca I tunnel, and the 10,000 m Ipojuca II tunnel. Lot F includes the 310 m Tambor tunnel, the 5,735 m Major Sales tunnel, the 500 m Diamantina tunnel, and the 480 m Javaris tunnel. The engineering firm that designed the tunnels is Engecorps. The required investment in 1999 dollars is USD1.49 billion. Contact Ministério da Integraí§í£o Nacional, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco E, sala 896/898, Plano Piloto, Brasilia (DF). Tel. +55 6134145567, fax +55 6134145566. 14/07.International call for tenders, deadline 25th April, 2007 for supervision, technical assistance and technological control as part of the civil works, installation, assembly, testing and commissioning of E&M equipment within the first stage of the Sao Francisco River inter-basin transfer project in the states of Pernambuco, Ceara, Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte. Contact Ministério da Integraí§í£o Nacional, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco E, sala 896/898, Plano Piloto, Brasilia (DF). Tel. +55 6134145567, fax +55 6134145566. 14/07.Brazilian consortium íguas do Sí£o Francisco, formed by the companies Carioca Christiani Nielsen Engenharia, Serveng Civilsan and SA Paulista, won the bidding for the first lot of works on the Sí£o Francisco river diversion project. The winning proposal was for BRL239 million. The contract was signed on 31st December and the consortium is due to start the works on the northern axis in January. Lot 1 stretches for 39,128 metres and includes the 726 m Angico tunnel and the 1,512 m Milagres tunnel. Visit www.cariocaengenharia.com.br and www.sapaulista.com.brBrazil's army corps of engineers has restarted works on the project this month. Since June, the army has been working on building a dam and two canals to transport river waters to pumping stations near Cabrobí³ municipality in Pernambuco state. However, the regional federal court had halted works on 10th December, as requested by the public prosecutor's office, which cited supposed irregularities in the national water council's original approval of the process. The federal supreme court ruled that going ahead with the project now would not cause irreversible environmental damage. The decision, however, only allows work to go ahead until the supreme court can judge the merits of the case at a date yet to be set. The project involves moving the Sí£o Francisco river, South America's fourth biggest, in the northern arid states of Pernambuco, Cearí¡, Paraí­ba and Rio Grande do Norte where water is to be used above all for sugar-cane and fruit plantations, prawn farms and the steel industry in the area of Fortaleza. It involves the construction of two canals, running north and east, with together a length of 722 km, nine large pumping plants and 51.6 km of tunnels. Click here. Read E-News Weekly 4/2008 for more. Visit www.mi.gov.br/saofrancisco 04/08.


Brazil, Niteroi - br/20


Open call for tenders, deadline 1st March, 2007 for 35-year concession contract including the construction, equipment, maintenance, monitoring and operation of the 1.2 km Charitas-Cafuba tunnel in Niteroi, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The tunnel will consist of two dual-lane tubes bored in rock, with access on each side totalling 630 metres. The tunnel will reduce the current travel time from 30 to five minutes. The toll gate will be located in Cafuba. Construction is scheduled to commence in June. It is estimated 12,000 vehicles will travel though the tunnel every day. The required investment amounts to BRL60 million. Contact EMUSA (Empresa Municipal de Moradia, Urbanizaí§í£o e Saneamento), Niteroi, tel. +55 21262222006, fax +55 212622-2085, e-mail emusa@niteroi.rj.gov.br. Visit www.niteroi.rj.gov.br/downloads/do/2007/01_Jan/30.pdf 07/07.


Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - br/19

Ring Road

2 x 1,104 m Grota Funda tunnel to link Recreio and Guaratiba as part of the dualling of Avenida das Américas awarded to a jv of Construcap (Brazil) and Modern (US) for R$ 72 million. Project has been approved by the state environmental control commission. Construction to commence in October, 2002. 35/02.Open call for tenders, deadline 23rd January, 2008 for construction and 25-year operation of the 2 x 1.1 km Serra da Grota Funda tunnel, which will link Baixadas de Jacarepaguí¡ and Guaratiba, in the west area of Rio de Janeiro. The project is budgeted at BRL900 million. Contact Secretaria Municipal de Obras e Servií§os Píºblicos, Rua Afonso Cavalcanti nº 455 - 9º andar, sede da Geríªncia de Licitaí§íµes, Cidade Nova, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. +55 25032633 or 25032567 and e-mail odli@pcrj.rj.gov.br or visit www.rio.rj.gov.br/smo 52/07-01/08.