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Cotti & Marchi References

Since 1952 Cotti&Marchi has been operating in the field of electrical systems with the design and the installation of industrial, residential and technological systems, and with the construction of transformer substations for any need (containerised for large construction sites, armoured for tunnels, etc.). The Company has both its own technical office responsible for designing and order management, and its own operational teams working in construction sites in order to provide maintenance services at a later time when system installations are completed.
The design and installation of the electrical systems also extends to tertiary industry as office buildings, with normal and emergency lighting systems, structured wiring systems and building automation.
Cotti&Marchi has created a specific area related to building electrical transformer transportable substations, both containerised for large construction sites, that armoured tunnel substations for use in tunnel during construction and also when the work is realized.
Nowadays the evolution of the technology involves also traditional heating and air-conditioning systems, water and sanitary systems, air/water exchange and treatment systems, gas plants: in each of these systems the electronic component plays an important and essential role managing the systems, if necessary, also with remote control.
For these reasons, we have enlarged our field of activities including the mechanical installations, ranging from those at the service of industrial processes, such as the cooling and heating systems for industrial machinery and process tanks, the plants for the production and distribution of necessary fluids to the various processes (chilled water, hot water, superheated water, steam for technological purposes, compressed air for technological and instrumental uses), to the gas and fluids distribution systems.
We also realize the waste water collection systems, residential or industrial, installing treatment systems of industrial waste water resulting from the various processes.
The activities also include the installation of dedusting and smoke reduction systems, in addition to air conditioning systems for the machines and process equipments, offices, workshops and CED areas. To improve significantly the environmental comfort and to reduce energy consumption, we design and install heating and cooling systems, using radiant panels, floor and ceiling, attached with a system for the environmental humidity control.
So in order to provide, if well accepted, our customers with the opportunity of a single company in charge and to guarantee better services, in addiction to the production of electrical and mechanical systems, we provide a global service both for new systems that for the maintenance of existing systems.
In this way our customers can enjoy a post-sales service, concerning technical assistance, management and maintenance of systems: this service is realized by a simple work schedule of maintenance with periodic maintenance works to check the correct functioning of the systems and replace the components worn-out.