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Tunnelling is a highly specialised sector of the civil engineering industry requiring a variety of skills in the design, planning and execution of projects. To help satisfy this demand, we provide company profiles of consultants, contractors, training establishments, and suppliers of experienced and professional personnel.

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Reference projects

In terms of equipment delivery, tunnelbuilder clients account for most of the world’s tunnelling projects. Each client maintains a list of reference projects, both as a historical record and as a means of gauging their competency for future work. These valuable documents can be accessed by clicking on our the ‘View References’ button in our client’s profiles shown below. All lists are subject to periodic update.
Avanti International

Grouting Services, Equipment and Materials. Wastewater Management Products.


Acquire and Manage Geotechnical Surveys and Analyze Subsurface Geotechnical Conditions.

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Boreas Tunnelling

Boreas Tunnelling is a full-service staffing agency

Boreas Tunnelling is a full-service staffing agency dedicated to solving challenges within the tunnelling industry. From staffing to project management, pay rolling to recruitment, we form an experienced team of industry experts who are standing by 24-7 to provide support and solutions to our customers. Let's team up and let us work for you. Boreas Tunnelling is a division of Boreas Maritime bv.


an engineering, consulting and marketing partner for innovative underground construction solution

Easyjoint and G &G Partners

Edicem Srl/ Strade & Autostrade

infrastructure magazine

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engineering services consultant

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28th September - 1st October 2022

Hobas Pipe USA

Wastewater Management Products

Interocean Personnel Services

reputable supplier of qualified personnel

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SoilFreeze Inc

Ground Freezing


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Specialist Labour Supply
Tunnelcraft’s operations include Primary and Secondary linings of Shafts and Tunnels as well as all RC structures associated with any Tunnelling project.

Specialist Labour Supply

Tunnelcraft’s operations include Primary and Secondary linings of Shafts and Tunnels as well as all RC structures associated with any Tunnelling project.

We have extensive experience in the following sectors

  • Tunnelling
  • Tunnel Lining and repairs
  • Deep Trenching
  • Civil Engineering
  • Heavy Ground Works
  • Road and Bridge
  • Rail
  • General Construction

and Much more

Areas of expertise

  • Machine Driven Tunnels: TBM, Open Shields, etc.
  • Linings and Ground Support including SGI, PCC, Rock Anchors
  • Shaft Sinking: Caisson, Underpinning, SCL, King posts and Laggings
  • Drill & Blast: Tunnels, Shafts and Trenches
  • Pipe Jacking: Mechanised and Semi Mechanised
  • Timber Headings
  • Shaft Secondary Lining: Slipform and Jumpform
  • Tunnel Secondary Lining: In-Situ
  • Sprayed Concrete Lining
  • Rock Bolting
  • Caulking & Pointing
  • Grout Injection and Leak Sealing

Reinforced concrete structures

Traditional RC Buildings

  • Retaining Walls
  • Slabs
  • Culverts
  • Shaft Base Slabs
  • Shaft Roof Cover slabs ( including pre cast beams and slabs )
  • Shaft Head Houses
  • Shaft Secondary Linings – Slipform and Jumpform
  • Tunnel Secondary Linings
  • Escalator Barrel Secondary linings

tunnel specific recruitment - Here to help not hassle!

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