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The types of transportation systems most suited to any tunnel are related to its length. If the tunnel is short, there is little need for manriding, and materials can be moved by hand or with the muck haulage equipment. A long tunnel will require some form of manrider, and special materials may need a dedicated carrier to avoid interruption of production or damage during transport. Cost and disruption factors have become increasingly important in recent years, and there has been a trend towards modular systems that provide a multi-function role. For instance, a locomotive can provide a manriding facility without interfering with its prime function as a haulage unit. Other, more complex, systems provide versatile and sophisticated cassette units that can be rapidly mounted on the prime mover. Also required for transport in tunnels are conveyors, hoists, cranes, loaders, carriers, locomotives and rolling stock, and all manner of railbound, monorail, and trackless equipment.

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Reference projects

In terms of equipment delivery, tunnelbuilder clients account for most of the world’s tunnelling projects. Each client maintains a list of reference projects, both as a historical record and as a means of gauging their competency for future work. These valuable documents can be accessed by clicking on our the ‘View References’ button in our client’s profiles shown below. All lists are subject to periodic update.

Mobile mixers for underground job sites and mines Truck-mounted concrete mixers

CM Lafer

Machinery, equipment and other products designed and manufactured in-house for tunnelling.


Machine and Equipment for Tunnelling and Construction Yards.

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underground equipment manufactured to meet the needs of mining and tunnelling projects worldwide

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GIA Industri - locomotive, utility vehicles and ventilation systems

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manufacturer of construction equipment

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Komatsu Mining Corp

Conveyor Equipment and System, Drilling Services, Mining Equipment, Mucking Systems, Rock Drills, Shaft Drilling.

McDowell Equipment

Microtunneling Equipment, Tools, and Supplies
Mining Equipment
Shotcrete Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Tunnel Haulage Systems
Underground Excavation Services and Equipment
Underground Locomotives and Rail Haulage Equipment


mobile equipment for tunnels and mines

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special equipment designers and manufacturers

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is the leading global manufacturer of tunnel locomotives and other rail vehicles

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SMT Scharf

Design and Manufacture of Underground Transportation Systems

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Global Tunnel Conveyors

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Our facilities, employees, core competencies, know-how, and on-going investment in our business, allow us to continually update our technology so that we can offer to Customers our own solution for CONTINUOUS CONVEYOR.

It is globally recognized as the most efficient and effective solution for the handling of material extracted by tunnel boring machine (TBM). This equipment is specifically engineered to smoothly handle the transport of materials from the tunnel excavation site to the surface and beyond. Large Belt Storage capacity increases TBM utilization, reduces construction time and results in lower costs. The continuous handling of higher tonnages of muck and spoil is a visible, real time benefit.