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There was a time when tunnelling formworks were designed and fabricated in jobbing shops close to site. However, with the rock excavation and support process taking less time, installation of the concrete lining becomes a far more significant factor in the cost/time equation. This has led to more sophisticated design of formworks with easier set-up, accurate positioning, and higher mobility. As a result, it is not nowadays unusual to see tunnels with 12 m-long formworks advancing twice each day. To achieve this realm of productivity, specialist manufacturers have emerged, and these are the companies that are powering the process.

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Reference projects

In terms of equipment delivery, tunnelbuilder clients account for most of the world’s tunnelling projects. Each client maintains a list of reference projects, both as a historical record and as a means of gauging their competency for future work. These valuable documents can be accessed by clicking on our the ‘View References’ button in our client’s profiles shown below. All lists are subject to periodic update.
Aerix Industries

Ground Improvement Equipment and Services. Grouting Services, Equipment and Materials.

ChemGrout Inc

Grouting Services, Equipment and Materials.

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Steel formworks for tunnelling

CM Lafer

Machinery, equipment and other products designed and manufactured in-house for tunnelling.


Machine and Equipment for Tunnelling and Construction Yards.

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Derrick Equipment Co

Drilling Services and Equipment. Microtunneling Equipment, Tools and Suppliers, Slurry Services and Machines.


Software and high-tech solutions for the
Construction and Infrastructure industries

Helix Steel

Concrete Reinforcement

HIC Fibers Inc

Concrete Reinforcement. Precast Concrete Linings. Shotcrete, Supplies, Services, Tunnel Lining.


design and manufacture of concrete formworks

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Rúbrica Engineering design and produced special formwork equipment for civil works, being specialist in tunnel formworks

Rúbrica Engineering designed and produced special formwork equipment for in-place casting of bridges, precast moulds, self-launching falsework, tunnel forms equipment, special systems and unique projects. Our competence fields are: RÚBRICA BRIDGES (Arch Bridges / Cable-Stayed Bridge / Progressive Cantilevers / Finishing Platform / Other works) - RÚBRICA MARITIME (Capping Beams / Single-Arm Grippers / Underwater Concrete / Crown Wall / Self-Launching Falsework / Precasts / Other Works) AND RÚBRICA TUNNELS (Bored Tunnels / Formwork 1st Phase / Other works)

Tolsa Wyoming Bentonite Inc

Drilling Services and Equipment. Geological, Geotechnical Services and Equipment.

Williams Form Engineering Corp

Concrete Reinforcement.

Wisko America Inc

Tunnel Lining and Support Materials