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United States

United States, Pennsylvania - us/114

Penn Turnpike

Closing Date: 26.10.2011 (Tender Closed)

Invitation for statements of interest, deadline 26.10.2011, from engineering firms to perform engineering design services for rehabilitation of both tubes and the portal buildings of Tuscarora tunnel located at milepost 186.20 on Penn Turnpike in Huntingdon county. Construction contract programmed to cost EUR6 million (USD8 million). Further information from Kenneth Slippey at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in Middletown, tel +1 717 939-9551 ext 5150, e-mail kslippey@paturnpike.com. Contractual questions to Donald Klingensmith, tel +1 717 939-9551 ext 5850, e-mail dklingen@paturnpike.com, to whom statements of interest and required information must be sent. Visit www.paturnpike.com/OUTPUT/PDFs/e20009.pdf. 40/11.


United States, Massachusetts - us/113

Boston Metro

Closing Date: 27.10.2011 (Tender Closed)

MBTA is soliciting bids for Cambridge and Boston Red Line tunnel leak repairs as part of systemwide rehabilitation/repair sponsored by ARRA. Contract no Y44CN01, value EUR1.5 million (USD2 million). Site tour 02.00h on 06.10.2011 assemble at Alewife station. Prebid meeting 07.10.2011 at 11.00h at MBTA , 500 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. Further information from Ken Lim, tel +1 617-222-4487. Visit www.mbta.com/business_center/. 39/11.


United States, Minnesota - us/112

Interceptor sewers

Closing Date: 11.10.2011 (Tender Closed)

Request for bids from pre-qualified contractors, deadline 11.10.2011, for rehabilitation work including repair of cracks within the crown of the interceptor and grouting of void. Value range EUR1.3-1.6 million (USD1.8-2.2 million). For availability of contract documents and assistance in downloading or working with digital documents contact www.questcdn.com at +1 952-233-`632 or info@questcdn.com. For direct enquiries contact Seng Thongvanh on +1 212 435-3953, e-mail seng.thongvanh@metc.state.mn.us quoting contract 1-MN-310. Prebid meeting scheduled 27.09.2011 at RMF, Eagan, MN at 10.00h. 38/11.


Request for proposal, deadline 17.11.2011, for interceptor sewer tunnelling master contract number 11P179 to provide A/E services to support several projects. Contract value EUR723,000 (USD1 million), duration five years. Contact QuestCDN.com +1 952 233 1632, e-mail info@questcdn.com for assistance with downloading and working with the digital documents. Further information from Laron Weddington at METC in St Paul, MN, tel +1 651 601 1801, e-mail laron.weddington@metc.state.mn.us or visit www.metrocouncil.org. 42/11.


United States, New Jersey - us/111

Lincoln road tunnel

Closing Date: 13.10.2011 (Tender Closed)

Request for bids, deadline 13.10.2011, for rehabilitation of drum rings, sealing leaks, repairing cracks in ventilation ducts and removal and repair of hollow or delaminated concrete sections on underside of roadway in three tubes of Lincoln road tunnel. Value range EUR730,000-3.65 million (USD1-5 million). For availability of contract documents go to www.panynj.gov/business-opportunities/bid-proposal-advertisements.html. For further information contact Jessamma Vatakencherry on +1 212 435-3953, e-mail jvataken@panynj.gov quoting contract LT-234.048. 38/11.


Request for bids, deadline 25.10.2011, for replacement of electrical and mechanical equipment in three mid-river pumprooms of Lincoln road tunnel with explosion-proof equipment. Value range EUR730,000-3.65 million (USD1-5 million). For availability of contract documents go to www.panynj.gov/business-opportunities/bid-proposal-advertisements.html. For further information contact Jessamma Vatakencherry on +1 212 435-3953, e-mail jvataken@panynj.gov quoting contract LT-234.131. 38/11.


United States, Florida - us/110

Government Cut Utility Tunnel

Phase 1 requires replacement of wastewater pipe between Miami Beach and Fisher Island with 350 m-long x 1.9 m-diameter drive using microtunnelling between deep shafts. Phase 2 requires new 2.5 km x 3.8 m-diameter (8,000 ft x 12 ft-diameter) utility tunnel at 25 m below mean sea level under Government Cut shipping channel to accommodate three wastewater lines, one reclaimed water main and four utility ducts. Anticipated EPB drive with segmental concrete lining. Project requires 9 m-diameter launch shaft on Fisher Island and 7.6 m-diameter shaft on Miami Beach. For latest AECOM project presentation visit www.governmentcututilitytunnel.com/Publish/Data/Gov Cut - Information Exchange 121709.pdf. 38/10.


United States, Washington D.C - us/109

Combined sewer overflow

DC Water is planning to construct a series of tunnels over the next 15 years to capture excess sewer flow and convey it to the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant. The major tunnel projects are: the 7.5 km x 7.3 m-diameter Blue Plains Tunnel (23,600 ft x 23 ft-diameter); the 4 km-long x 7.3 m-diameter Anacostia River Tunnel (12,500 ft x 23 ft-diameter); the 5.5 km-long x 7.3 m-diameter NE Boundary Tunnel (17,500 ft x 23 ft-diameter); and the 3.6 km-long x 4.8 m-diameter NE Boundary Branch Tunnels (11,300 ft x 15 ft-diameter). Proposals for the construction management services contract are under appraisal, with award expected in March, 2011. Three design-build companies have qualified for the Blue Plains Tunnels, and price and technical proposals are due 02.12.2010 with award expected in April, 2011 for construction start in July, 2011. A request for proposals for the Anacostia River is expected in early 2012. More from Ronald Bizzarri at DCWASA in Washington, e-mail rbizzarri@dcwasa.com. For project details visit www.dcwater.com/site_archive/news/documents/DC WASAs Long Term Control Plan_2009.pdf. 37/10.


Design/build contract for TBM-driven, segmentally-lined 7.5 km x 7.3 m-diameter Blue Plains Tunnel (23,600 ft x 23 ft-diameter) awarded by DC Water to Traylor/Skanska/JayDee JV with design engineer Halcrow, value EUR235 million. Construction start expected in July, 2011. More from Ronald Bizzarri at DCWASA in Washington, e-mail rbizzarri@dcwasa.com. For full project details visit tunnelbuilder archive us/109 and www.dcwater.com/site_archive/news/documents/DC WASAs Long Term Control Plan_2009.pdf. 13/11.


The JV Impregilo (65 percent)/Healy-Parsons (35 percent) secured the EUR193 million (US$254 million) contract for the design and construction of the second portion of the massive tunnel system that will bring relief from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Anacostia River. Named the Anacostia River Tunnel, this will be 7 m-diameter and 3,810 m-long beneath the Anacostia River. It begins at Poplar Point and ends near RFK Stadium. Construction will start at the north and work south, connecting to the Blue Plains Tunnel in 2017. The contract also includes six shafts with a depth of approximately 30 m and three diversion structures. The first tunnel portion of the Clean Rivers Project is already underway. For more click here. For tunnelbuilder archive click here and us/109. Visit http://www.dcwater.com. 19/13.


The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) was won by the Joint-venture of Salini Impregilo (30%) and S.A. Healy. (70%) the EUR506 million (USD580 million) contract is to build the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) project in Washington, D.C.

The NEBT is the biggest component of DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project. It will be 50 -160 feet below ground and run 27,000 feet from just south of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium to the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue NW and 6th Street NW. It will be aligned to intersect the existing chronic flood areas along Rhode Island Avenue NW.

In times of flooding, the tunnel will receive flows from the sewer system captured by diversion facilities and convey them to DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The NEBT project will also include the construction of ventilation control facilities, storm water inlets, and green infrastructure.

Once it is connected to the other Clean Rivers Project tunnels, the NEBT will help reduce combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River by 98 percent and the chance of flooding in the areas it serves from about 50 percent to seven percent in any given year.

Work is expected to begin in September 2017 and be completed in 2023 - two years ahead of the Consent Decree schedule. Visit https://www.dcwater.com, http://www.laneconstruct.com/  and https://www.salini-impregilo.com/en/. 28/17.


DC Water (District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority) has issued notice to proceed to the CBNA-Halmar Clean Rivers Joint Venture comprising CBNA (a US based subsidiary of Bouygues Construction) and Halmar International for the design-build contract for the Potomac River Tunnel. The tunnel is a project part of DC Water’s USD 2.99bn (EUR 2.76 bn) Clean rivers project designed to control combined sewer overflows and to improve water quality in the Potomac River in Washington D.C. The contract value is USD 819 million (EUR 757.13 million).  The main tunnel, which is 5.5 miles (8.9 km) long and approximately 100 feet (30 m) deep with internal diameter of 18 feet (5.5 m), will cross variable geological conditions (clay, alluvium, hard rock) and will pass close to Washington D.C's iconic monuments. It will require the use of two TBMs customized specifically for these soil conditions. Ancillary structures comprise of 9 shafts, adits connecting to the main tunnel, and near surface structures which link the new infrastructure to the existing sewage system. Visit https://www.bouygues.com/ and https://www.dcwater.com/. 49/23.  


United States, Maryland - us/108


Transdyn of California has been selected to maintain and expand Maryland Transportation Authority's video surveillance systems for three years with a further two-year option. The programme will include preventative and corrective maintenance of all the authority's existing and future video surveillance sites, which include the Baltimore Harbor and Fort McHenry tunnels. Baltimore Harbor tunnel (2.3 km) forms part of Interstate 895 and provides a major north-south bypass of Baltimore City. The 8-lane Fort McHenry Tunnel (2.2 km) forms part of Interstate 95 and links the southern and eastern areas of Baltimore City. Visit www.transdyn.com and www.marylandtransportation.com. 03/10.


United States, New York - us/107

Water Siphons

Closing Date: 23.09.2009 (Tender Closed)

Invitation to submit a Statement of Qualifications (RFQ) for provision of construction services for replacement of existing water siphons between Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York. M/WBE and DBE firms are encouraged to apply. RFQ guidelines and requirements are available at nycedc.com/rfp, or at NYCEDC, 110 William St., 6th floor, NY, NY, 10038,M - F, 9:30-4:30, e-mail watersiphonsConstructionRFQ@nycedc.com. 35/09.


Following award of EUR190 million contract in July, 2011 to OHL/Tully JV for construction of new water siphon between Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York, contractor selected Caterpillar EPB to drive 3.85 m-diameter, 2,883 m-long segmentally-lined tunnel which will house 1.8 m-diameter water column. More from http://nycedc.tumblr.com, http://construccion.ohl.es/, www.hatchmott.com and www.cattunnelboring.com. 16/12.



Award of contract to Parsons Brinckerhoff/LiRo for construction oversight and resident engineering services for new water siphon between Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York to be EPB-driven as 3.85 m-diameter, 2,883 m-long segmentally-lined tunnel which will house 1.8 m-diameter water column. Project completion late-2013. More from Judy Cooper at PB in New York, tel +1 212 465 5332. Visit us/107 and www.pbworld.com. 19/12.


United States, Georgia - us/106

Atlanta Wastewater

South River wastewater tunnel to eliminate sanitary overflows awarded late-2008 to Peter Kiewit, value USD111,684,927. Comprises 2.86 km-long, 5.1 m-diameter TBM drive with 4.45 m ID cast-in-place concrete liner together with 337 m-long drill/blast connector to be lined with Hobas pipe. Two construction shafts of 7.64 m-diameter and 10.18 m-diameter, plus 19.1 m-diameter pumping station shaft required. Clearing and grubbing underway for site set-up with grading and sound walls. Two-year project schedule. Visit www.kiewit.com/districts/underground/projects.aspx. 08/09.


United States, Wisconsin - us/105

Flood Control

Joint venture Shea/Kenny has been awarded the EUR38 million contract to construct the 915 m-long x 5.2 m-diameter Underwood Creek diversion tunnel. The tunnel will hold 1,400 million litres of floodwater for controlled discharge into the Menomonee River. More from Dutch Vleigenthart, VP, at J F Shea, tel +1 909 594-9500. Just EUR216,000 separated Shea/Kenny from second bidder. Contact Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, tel +1 414 272-5100 or visit www.mmsd.com. 52/08.