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TELT - February

TELT - February

The excavation of the French Saint-Martin-la-Porte construction site (SMP4) with the Fedrica TBM exceeded 77% of the 9 km planned by the end of February. Also in February, the target of 30 m/day was reached, thanks to the experience acquired by the teams of Italian and French technicians and particularly favourable rock conditions.

At this stage, the construction site just aims to complete the first section of the base tunnel. The excavation, although having a primary geognostic objective, continues with the south tube in the direction of Italy, where the first goods and passenger convoys will pass by 2030.

To date, the companies operating at SMP4 employ 460 people; in February alone it completed 500 m of mechanical excavation, while the traditional one (explosive and demolition hammer) continues in order to activate the second front in the direction of France. Click here, fr/11 and en/80 for the tunnelbuilder archive. Go to http://www.telt-sas.com. 10/19.


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