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Brenner Base Tunnel Breakthrough

Brenner Base Tunnel Breakthrough

On St Barbaras day the 4th of December 2018 the southern portal of the Brenner Base tunnel near Fortezza Station broke through. 93 km of the total 230 km that will make up the Brenner Base tunnel system has now been driven. The tunnel  will move heavy traffic from road to rail, thereby reducing air and noise pollution.

The BBT is the "heart" of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN corridor from Helsinki in Finland to Valletta in Malta. The design of the tunnel is 50% supported by the European Union, which also co-finances 40% of the construction and construction costs. The remaining part is borne by Italy and Austria. Work on this section is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 and the tunnel is will be operational in 2028. "At present, two thirds of freight transport, or around 40 million tonnes, crosses the Brenner Pass by road, while only one third uses the train", explains Kompatscher, who adds that "once the tunnel is completed, this ratio will be reversed. Passenger trains will also be able to use the BBT, and this will turn this project into something that can unite different countries within the European Union. Click here for the video, here, at/16 and it/103 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit  https://www.bbt-se.com. 49/18

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https://we.tl/t-BG3LY8wlL7 (ceremony)