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Seattle Light Rail

Closing Date: 28.05.2013 (Tender Closed)

Solicitation CN 0001-13, deadline 28.05.2013, for Northgate Link Extension Contract N125 - TBM Tunnels (UW to Maple Leaf Portal). This Contract includes approximately 5.8 km of segmentally lined, twin-bored running tunnels consisting of 3 reaches: 2.6 km from the Maple Leaf Portal to the Roosevelt Station, 1.7 km from the Roosevelt Station to the U District Station, and 1.5 km from U District Station to University of Washington Station (UWS). The work includes 23 cross passages excavated at intervals between the bored tunnels using sequential excavation methods. It also includes placement of the tunnel invert slab, walkways and utilities, as well as shoring, dewatering and excavation for the Maple Leaf Portal, Roosevelt Station and U-District Station. Finally, TBM retrieval at the Roosevelt Station and UW Station, and completion of interfaces at the UWS are included in the scope of this contract. Contact Lourdes Bonifacio, Contracts Specialist, e-mail lourdes.bonifacio@soundtransit.org and Ray Fernandez, Sr. Contract Specialist, e-mail raymund.fernandez@soundtransit.org. Visit http://soundtransit.ebidsystems.com/solicitation.aspx?uid=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&sID=2310. 14/13.


Seattle Light Rail