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Switzerland, Canton Glarus - ch/64


The engineering consortium IG Kerenzerberg composed by Poyry's Urban & Mobility business group (80%) and Erb & Partner AG (20%) secured the EUR5.25 million contract for the design and engineering services for the rehabilitation works of the operating and safety equipment in the 5,760 m Kerenzerberg tunnel on N03. The project will be completed by 2018. Visit www.poyry.com/media/media_2.html?Id=1499368.html&C=0&Y=2011. 18/11.Poyry´s Water and Environment Business Group secured the EUR 1.2 millionenvironmental consultancy and assistance services contract for the 8 km-long section of N03 under operation for more than 20 years and including the 5,760 m Kerenzerberg tunnel. Duration of contract from February, 2011 to 2018. In order to increase the safety of the tunnel, the following project elements are, among others, designed and implemented: a parallel safety tunnel serving as an escape route, the modernization of the tunnel ventilation, the extension of the emergency exits, and the improvement of the safety system. Visit http://www.poyry.com/media/media_2.html?Id=1494134.html&C=0&Y=2011. 18/11.


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