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Switzerland, Canton of Grisons - ch/61


Open invitation to tender, deadline 28th August, 2008 for construction management of the Roveredo bypass on the A13. The project includes the 2,381 m San Fedele tunnel and its parallel safety bore. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=172379-2008, OJ S 129, or contact OFROU, Bellinzona, fax +41 918206890. E-mail bellinzona@astra.admin.ch 29/08.Further details are available about the Roveredo bypass and San Fedele tunnel. An invitation to tender for construction management is ongoing and the owner is currently assessing bids from contractors for the construction. Click ch/61. The parallel safety tunnel and the main tunnel have similar lengths (2,381 m). The main tunnel cross-section equals approx. 100 square metres, while the safety tunnel will feature an approx. 4 m diameter (12.5 square metres). Seven cross-passages, two lay-bys, two E&M plants (one at the south mouth and one in the tunnel) and a ventilation plant at the south mouth will also be built. Two attacks have been envisaged by the owner: one from south in the main tunnel and one from north in the safety bore but the bidders are free to submit alternatives. The geology is mainly two-mica gneiss, gneiss with hornblende, gneiss with biotite and schistous gneiss, with high compressive strength. Water infiltration is possible. For the main tunnel, a pilot bore will first be driven using a TBM, approx. 4 m in diameter, then the pilot bore will be enlarged. Both digging phases will follow an ascending gradient. Then the TBM will be re-used for the safety tunnel, this time as per a descending gradient. The bidders were free to propose alternatives to this. Rock reinforcement will be secured mainly by means of bolts, anchors, welded mesh, shotcrete and steel arches. The bidders were also free to choose their method for rock haulage. The construction contract is scheduled to be awarded in November. Excavation of the tunnel will begin in spring 2009. The E&M equipment and ventilation are not included in the civil works contract. 32-33/08.