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Switzerland, Salgesch - ch/38


Open invitation to tender, deadline 30th November, for 960 m-long, twin-tube Hubit tunnel on T9 main road between Sierre and Leuk in Rhone valley to commence March, 2001. Contact DSF, tel +41 27 6063500. Work proceeding on adjoining 2.8 km Varen and 1.37 km Leuk tunnels. Parallel 4.2 km A9 motorway tunnel on opposite side of river in design. October 2000.Award of $50 million, 960 m-long, twin-tube Hubil road tunnel for proposed $350 million Sierre-Leuk A9 motorway to consortium of Losinger, Evequoz, Deneriaz, Imboden, Theler, Arnold and Zufferey. Sponsored by DSF, tel +41 2760 63500. Visit www.losinger.ch 29/01.