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Switzerland, Zurich - ch/37


Second underground station with four tracks to be built beneath central station with 4.8 km-long single-tube tunnel connection to Oerlikon in sedimentary rock and molasse. CFF has set aside $80 million for preparatory work with a view to starting main construction in 2005 for opening 2012. Contact through www.cff.ch November 2000. SFr580 million financing approved by an overwhelming majority (82%) of the Zurich people by referendum on 22nd September, 2001. Construction start delayed to 2006. The project had been earlier approved by the Zurich Canton so that final approval is now pending by the federal government. 42/01.   Preliminary design contract for approximately €1.4 million for two out of four design lots of new 11.8 km railway line, of which more than 50% will be underground through the city centre, awarded to Electrowatt Infra and Basler & Hofmann as part of Rail 2000 programme. Project co-financed by the Swiss Federal Railways and the Canton of Zurich. Visit http://www.bahn2000zh.ch/new.htm, www.poyry.fi and www.ewe.ch 44/01.  A JV between Electrowatt Infra, part of the Jaakko Pöyry Group, and Basler & Hofmann has been commissioned by the Swiss federal railways and the Canton of Zurich to design a new four-track underground station beneath the Zurich main station, a 5 km-long 11 m-diameter double-track railway tunnel, four escape and rescue galleries, and a construction shaft with a diameter of 22 m. The underground station and the tunnel are part of the new centre line between Zurich airport and the main station. The new line will be opened to service by 2012 and the total project cost will be about €1 billion. Visit www.poyry.com, www.ewi.ch and www.bhz.ch 35/03.Electrowatt Infra, which is part of the Jaakko Poyry Group, has been awarded in JV with Basler & Hofmann a tunnel engineering contract by the Swiss Federal Railways and the Canton Zurich. The engineering services will be delivered between September 2005 and July 2013. The value of Electrowatt Infra's contract is EUR8 million. This contract is for section 2 Loewenstrasse station and section 3 Weinberg tunnel and is a continuation to the assignment commenced in 2003. It comprises the design of a new underground station beneath Zurich's main station and a 5 km railway tunnel. The station and tunnel are part of the new circle line, which will link Altstetten in the west of Zurich with Oerlikon in the north and increase the transport capacity of the railway network in the business area of the city. Electrowatt Infra's services include the preparation of tender documents, technical and financial bid evaluation, detail design, supervision, settlement monitoring, quality control and project management. Visit www.ewi.ch, www.poyry.com and www.bhz.ch 43/05.Open call for tenders, deadline 19th January, 2007 for construction of the Weinberg tunnel (lot 3.2) on the Altstetten-Zurich central station-Oerlikon line, section 3. The contract is for the Brunnenhof launch shaft, a 4.5 km 95 sq m twin-track tunnel to be built by means of a TBM in soft rock for most of the length (4.1 km), 100 metres of tunnel using conventional methods, four escape and rescue tunnels totalling 2.4 km, with a section of 21 sq m, to be built also using conventional means, and approx. 115 metres of wide forepoling. Read E-News Weekly 33/2006. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=161247-2006, OJ S 149, or contact CFF, Zurich, tel. +41 443871500. 33-34/06.A consortium of Implenia, Wayss & Freytag, Bilfinger Berger and PraderLosinger will build the Weinberg tunnel as well as the underground pathway of the existing station's southern part. Access shafts are also part of the contract, worth CHF350 million. The 4.5 km single bored dual-track Weinberg tunnel will feature a 9.74 m inner diameter and a 10.94 m outer diameter. Other underground structures include a 22 m-diameter 34 m-deep temporary access shaft and a new underpass in the southern part of the railway station. The geology is molasse (marls and sands). The tunnel will be driven using a mixshield TBM and lined by 30 cm-thick precast concrete segments and 30 cm-thick cast-in-place concrete. A conveyor belt is envisaged to evacuate the spoil. Tunnelling is scheduled to commence in September 2008 for breakthrough in 2010. Visit www.implenia.com, www.wf-ingbau.de, www.bilfingerberger.de and www.praderlosinger.ch 49/07.The new Löwenstrasse station will be built by a Marti-led consortium. The station will be 500 m long, whereof 420 metres for the platforms, its inner height will be five metres and its outer height 11 metres. Its width is variable (up to 45 metres). Click here. Visit www.martiag.ch 49/07.