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Switzerland, Sörenberg - ch/35

Gas pipeline

  Joint venture of Ilbau, Cogeis and Scheifele taking delivery of 4.5 m-diameter Herrenknecht shielded hardrock TBM for 5.2 km gas pipeline tunnel through marl and disturbed sandstones, siltstones and mudstones erecting six-piece 3.8 m i.d. dowelled and gasketed precast concrete segmental lining in rings 1.5 m-wide and 250 cm thick. Possibility of gas in sedimentary deposits. Boring to commence July on 15-month schedule. Visit www.herrenknecht.com May 2000.5.3 km extension of gas pipeline between Belgium and Italy in Canton Lucerne awarded to jv with Ilbau as technical leader, value $30 million. Rockmore will supply drilling consumables from its Austrian plant. Visit www.strabag.at and www.rockmore-intl.com October 2000. Consortium of Strabag, Cogeis, Specogna and Scheifele using 4.56 m-diameter Herrenknecht hardrock TBM with trunk conveyor belt on 5.2 km segmentally-lined tube at 5 % gradient in Sörenberg mélange, flysch and globigerina marl. TBM, which has automatic power cut-off if gas is detected, launched August, 2000 on ten month run. 2.2 km completed by end-November. Best week 200 m; best day 38 m in 18 h. Unique compact 26 m-high belt storage tower with 300 m capacity. Visit www.strabag.at and www.herrenknecht.de 02/01.4.56 m-diameter Herrenknecht hardrock TBM averaging 18 m/day working 24/7 with 18 h/day operating, peaking at 36 m/day. Around 4 km of 5.2 km drive completed, all at 5% upgrade. Up to 150 m/week being maintained in Sorenberg melange. Lining with rings of six tapered, gasketed segments 1.5 m wide and 250 mm thick, with internal diameter 3.8 m. TBM ahead of schedule, with completion expected May, 2001. Visit www.strabag.com and www.herrenknecht.com 14/01.