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Sweden, Malmö - se/12


  BASF MEYCO Fireshield 1350 fire protection mortar was used on this project   4.2 km tunnel with 8.4 m i.d. segmental lining to connect Malmo centre with southern suburbs proposed by Svedab. Stations at city centre, Triangle Square and Hyllie. Chalk formations with 20 m cover. Cross headings at 500 m intervals. Commencement 1999 for 2002 completion. Prequalification under way. March 1998. Now scheduled for completion in 2005, 6 km-long City tunnel from central station to Hyllie station will be underground, with one third cut and cover and the rest using a TBM. Construction period two years. Will connect mainline trains with the new Oresund link to Copenhagen. Sept 1999. Pre-information announcement in OJEC concerning 5 km-long railway tunnel and buildings contract 2000/S 139-091177 for which the estimated date for initiating award procedures is now 1st December, 2000. More information from bengtove.persson@citytunneln.com or visit www.citytunneln.com August 2000. Invitations to tender expected September, 2001 for construction of 6.6 km-long City Tunnel, of which 4.5 km bored and 2.1 km cut and cover, with two underground stations. VBB and Cowi working on final design for Banverket. Visit www.citytunneln.com and www.cowi.dk 32/01. Invitation to prequalify for construction of $292 million, 6 km-long twin-tube railway tunnels using two EPBs in limestone with up to 2.5 bar water pressure at 12 m to 25 m depth. 1.5 km in cut and cover. Tenders expected May, 2002. Visit www.citytunneln.se 39/01. Tenders invited, deadline 18th February, 2002, for construction of the 2 x 4.5 km City tunnel and the Triangeln station. TBM excavation through limestone with concrete segmental lining plus short cut-and-cover section. Station to be built opening shafts at ground level and milling out a 250 m-long rock cavity. Contract award mid-2003. Time frame for work autumn 2003-spring 2007. Cost of SEK3 billion financed by the National Rail Administration, the Swedish State Railways, the City of Malmö, and the Skí¥ne region. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, document S 233-160659 or contact Citytunnelprojektet, Malmö, fax +46 40321500, bengtove.persson@citytunneln.com. Visit www.citytunneln.com 50/01. A jv of Cowi and Sweco has the responsibility for feasibility studies, environment assessment and detailed design of the underground parts of the City tunnel. The City tunnel will be a 17 km rail link between Malmö Central Station, the Sound Link and the southerly part of the Swedish district of Skí¥ne. One-third will run through a bored tunnel and two underground stations. Two 7.9 m-diameter tunnel tubes will be built, cross-linked with 13 smaller tunnels for technical installations. The cross-passages will also function as escape routes and provide access for emergency situations. Tender documents are being prepared and will be delivered to contractors in the autumn for bidding. Construction will begin in late 2003. Visit www.citytunnel.malmo.se, www.cowi.dk and www.sweco.es 25/02.The government approved the construction of the City tunnel that will connect Malmö's city centre to the í–resund line. The decision paves the way to the process of selection of contractors. Tender documents have been sent to prequalified contractors. The first contract to be awarded will be the tunnels between Malmö Central Station and Holma and the underground Triangeln Station. Later this year, a contract will be awarded for Malmö Central Station's new subterranean station (Malmö C), north of the present railway station.The 6 km City tunnel will be built in cut-and-cover at each end. The bored portion consists of two parallel single-track tunnels to be driven through water-bearing limestone, approximately 20 m below the surface, using two double shield TBMs. The excavated material will be removed by wagons. Tunnelling will begin at Holma. The TBMs will start from two shafts from the south portals crunching their way north towards Malmö C.The Triangeln station will be a rock cavity some 20 m below ground with two tracks and a 250 m-long platform. Shafts will be opened from ground level and then a large cavity will be mined in the bedrock. Malmö C will have four tracks and two 320 m-long platforms.Construction will start in 2004 for completion in 2009. The cost is estimated at SKr8.8 billion (2001 value). Visit www.citytunneln.com 15/03.The first contracts for the city tunnel were finalised on 11th November, 2004 at a signing ceremony. The Malmoe Citytunnel Group, a consortium made up of Bilfinger Berger, Per Aarsleff and E. Pihl & Sí¸n, has been awarded contract E201 for drilling the tunnels and excavating the rock cavern that will make up the new Triangeln underground station. The contract is worth SEK2.3 billion, with Bilfinger Berger having 50% and Aarsleff and Pihl 25% each. It comprises two parallel tunnels, about 6 km long, between Malmoe C and Holma, including 13 intersecting tunnels and two access shafts, as well as the Triangeln station. A 4,650 m-long twin tunnel section with an 8.9 m-diameter will be drilled with two separate TBMs. In the south, the bored tunnels will end with a cut-and-cover tunnel from which a 700 m ramp will lead up to the overground lines. The 250 m-long x 28 m-wide x 12 m-high Triangeln underground station will be located about 25 m below ground level, with two tracks. The work is scheduled for commencement in the second quarter of 2005, awaiting issuing of the environmental permit, and the total construction period is 52 months. Visit www.bilfinger.de and www.aarsleff.comNCC International will construct the underground station Malmoe C Nedre, as part of contract E101. The contract comprises the Malmoe Central and Malmoe C Nedre underground stations. The contract is worth SEK1.2 billion. The underground station will be built with open shafts directly north of today's station. A ramp carries the railroad tracks from the freight and stockyard area in the east to a roughly 320 m-long station, and further on to an offshoot that connects to tunnels bored in the west. Work will commence during spring 2005 and is scheduled for completion during 2009. The City tunnel will not be in use before 2011. Visit www.ncc.info and www.citytunneln.com 47/04.Malmoe Citytunnel Group (MCG), the City tunnel contractor, has ordered two Herrenknecht TBMs that are going to bore the two 4.5 km-long tunnels under the centre of Malmoe. The first machine will be delivered in September 2006 and the second a few months later. The cutter head has a 9 m-diameter. Along with the back-up train behind the TBM, the total length is 120 m. They will be assembled in Malmoe, directly in the shaft in Holma. From the start of the boring at the turn of 2006/2007, the work will take approximately two years, which means that they are estimated to reach the shaft under Malmoe Central station during the second half of 2008. The TBMs will install prefabricated concrete segments. Visit www.herrenknecht.comThe City tunnel project is made up of a 6 km-long tunnel under central Malmoe and eleven kilometres of railway above ground. An underground station will be built at Malmoe Central station. New stations will be built at Triangeln and in Hyllie, south of Malmoe. Construction started in March 2005 and is planned to be finished in 2011. The budget of the project is SEK9.45 billion (2001 monetary value). 45/05.