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Spain, Palencia-Santander - es/75


Tenders invited for engineering services, deadline 18th January, 2002, for the Los Corrales de Buelna-Molledo section of Autoví­a de la Meseta. Two tunnels in Gedo (2.5 km) and Pedrero (1.1 km). Carriageway width of 9.5 metres. Cost of €3.7 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, document S 224-154330. 49/01. Los Corrales de Buelna-Molledo section on Autoví­a del Cantí¡brico awarded to a jv of Sacyr and Cavosa, a drill/blast specialist contractor, for €112.7 million. Includes the 2.5 km Gedo tunnel and the 1.1 km Pedrero tunnel. Drill/blast method. Visit www.sacyr.es and www.cavosa.es 03/02. Open call for bids, deadline 23rd September, 2002 for construction of the Pesquera-Reinosa north section of the Cantabria-Meseta motorway. Includes a double tunnel (655 m + 675 m) in Lantueno. Tender value €89.5 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=118993-2002, OJ S 150, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978537. E-mail cpublic@mfom.es 34/02. Call for tenders imminent further to approval by the government of the construction of the Molledo-Pesquera subsection on the Cantabria-Meseta highway, 11.87 km in length, budget €149.8 million.It is the second most costly section in Spain with a cost of €12.6 million per km. The project requires a bored tunnel under Somaconcha, consisting of two parallel tubes of 1,538 and 1,460 metres, and a 500 m cut-and-cover tunnel west of Molledo. 01/03. Construction of the 8.5 km Pesquera-Reinosa section on the highway connection between the Cantabrian motorway and La Meseta has been commissioned to Ferrovial-Agromí¡n. It necessitates to build the Lantueno tunnel consisting of two parallel tubes, with lengths of 655 and 657 m. Time frame for construction: 30 months. Visit www.ferrovial.es 03/03. Open call for bids, deadline 6th February, 2003 for construction of the 11.9 km Molledo-Pesquera section of the Cantabria-La Meseta highway requiring a twin cut-and-cover tunnel (2 x 360 m) west of Molledo and a twin bored tunnel (1,536 + 1,458 m) in Somaconcha. Tender value: €149.8 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=es&docid=005750-2003, OJ S 8, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978537. 04/03. Open call for bids, deadline 19th June, 2003 for work control and supervision of section Pesquera-Reinosa on motorway Cantabria-Meseta, which includes the Lantueno tunnel (655 m + 675 m). Tender value: €1.6 million. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=072188-2003, OJ S 81, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978537. E-mail cpublic@mfom.es 19/03.The Ministry of development has awarded to Ferrovial-Agromí¡n a €136.8 contract to build section Molledo-Pesquera on the new highway that will connect the Meseta plateau with Cantabria. The project necessitates a tunnel under Somaconcha. It is a twin-tube tunnel, with lengths of 1,538 m for the Santander-bound carriageway and 1,460 m for the Palencia-bound carriageway. There is also a 500 m-long cut-and-cover tunnel east of Molledo. This 11.87 km section runs entirely in Cantabria and will take 42 months to build. Visit www.ferrovial.es 21/03.Open call for bids, deadline 17th July, 2003 for consulting services and assistance during construction of section Molledo-Pesquera. Tender budget: €2.9 million. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=084854-2003, OJ S 94, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978470. E-mail cpublic@mfom.es or plicas-carreteras@mfom.es 21/03.Euroconsult has secured the work control and project management of the Pesquera-Reinosa section of the Cantabria-Meseta highway for €1.3 million. The Lantueno tunnel, a twin bore tunnel (655 m and 675 m) will be built on this stretch. Visit www.euroconsult.es 42/03.