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  39 km-long, 26 station elliptical underground metro line joining five cities to the southwest of Madrid: Alcorcon, Leganes, Getafe, Fuenlabrada, and Mostoles. Additional nine interchange stations with RENFE, the national railway system. Two other cities, Parla and Pinto will be connected into the new metro by commuter trains from Cercanias, increasing the total population served to 1.2 million. Metrosur will connect to Madrid Metro along an 8 km extension to Line 10. Overall total of 47 km twin-track tunnel could utilise the four large EPB TBMs and another two of smaller diameter released from recently completed extensions to Madrid Metro. At least one large-diameter EPB will have to be purchased to meet demanding schedule. Design commenced 14th July, 1999 for works to start February, 2000 with a view to commissioning the entire network for Christmas, 2002. August 1999.   Final design contracts completed for 14 contracts concerning 40 km of Metro Sur ring and ready for bid in total value $920 million. Contact through www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro December 1999.   !2 sections of Metrosur ring divided into six contracts for allocation end-February, 2000 with a view to commencing civil works in March. The entire ring is now 40.5 km long and will be single twin-track tunnel throughout, constructed mainly by 9.3 m-diameter EPB TBM. Contract 3 comprises a 4 km-long section, 11 m-deep to invert, in open countryside west of Fuenlabrada which could be constructed by cut-and-cover using diaphragm walls. Contract 5 beneath the south-easterly town of Getafe will require a fifth 9.3 m-diameter TBM equipped for harder rock than the existing machines. Only the 8 km-long line 10 extension with four stations will be in twin tunnels. January 2000. The six main contract awards totalling $932 million for 40.857 route km of tunnels and 27 stations on the Madrid Metrosur ring were announced on Thursday 6th April as follows: contract 1 comprising sections 1, 12 and 11 total length 9.562 km with 5 stations awarded to ACS-VIAS value $225 million, period 30 months; contract 2 comprising sections 2 and 3 total length 7.303 km with 5 stations awarded to FFC value $160 million, period 30 months; contract 3 section 4 IIIB length 0.407 km with one station awarded to Sacyr value $13.6 million, period 15 months, section 4A length 1.226 km awarded to Sacyr value $8.16 million, period 15 months, and section 4B length 1.462 km with one station awarded to OHL value $39 million, period 20 months; contract 4 comprising sections 5 and 6 total length 6.515 km with 4 stations awarded to Necso value $150.6 million, period 30 months; contract 5 comprising sections 7, 8 and 9 length 7.316 km with 6 stations awarded to Ferrovial value $160 million, period 30 months; contract 6 comprising section 10 length 7.066 km with 5 stations awarded to DYC value $176 million, period 29 months. More information will be posted later at www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro April 2000.   Open tendering for 8 km-long line 10 extension from Batan in south-west Madrid to Alcorcon, one of the five towns to be linked by the Metrosur circle line. The first section from Batan to Campamento will be undertaken using the traditional Madrid Method of excavation; the second section from Campamento to Quattro Vientos will utilise the Mitsubishi NFM TBM M-1 which has been refurbished following completion of the recent extensions to Madrid Metro; from Quattro Vientos to the Metrosur connection at Alcorcon twin-tube tunnels will be driven using the smaller Lovat and Herrenknecht machines that were used on the Campo de las Naciones to Mar de Cristal section of Line 8. Projected cost/metre of Metrosur is $36.5 million, so it can be deduced that the line 10 extension is worth around $300 million.   Deadline for bids is 28th April. Details at www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro Open tendering for site supervision, and control and inspection, of the Metrosur construction packages is running in parallel on a different deadline of 17th April. April 2000. Shafts are nearly completed and first EPBs will start tunnelling 25th September. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro July 2000. New Herrenknecht 9.38 m-diameter EPB under erection in start pit to drive towards Getafe on contract 5 while refurbished NFM EPB ex Madrid Metro is made ready to drive from a separate pit in the opposite direction towards Leganes for contract 6. Herrenknecht ex line 8 metro extension is being assembled in start pit at Leganes for contract 1 launch October 15th. Second refurbished NFM will commence erection at Mostoles in two weeks time for contract 2. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro Sept 2000. Four 9.38 m-diameter TBMs now underway on 40.5 km-long single-tube project, with NFM EPB owned by Dragados making 738 m in first 38 days to 12th November, placing 492 x 1.5 m rings. Best day 24 rings on 29th October. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro and www.dragados.es November 2000. 9.38 m-diameter NFM TBMs Chata, Dragados, and Alvaro completed 2 km in 100 calendar days to 20th February, 2001, while the new Herrenknecht 9.38 m-diameter TBM reached Espartales station, Getafe, at a rate of 18-19 rings/day. Visit NFM company profile and www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro 10/01. Completion of excavation of 40.5 km-long circle line announced exactly two years to the day after start. Excavation and concrete work on 27 stations well advanced. Contracts for equipment have been placed. Commissioning will take place on time. 25/01. Comunidad de Madrid reports 20 km of EPB tunnels complete, together with seven cut and cover sections and 600,000 sq m of diaphragm walls in just nine months. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro 31/01. Contract award of €2.2 million to Ví­as y Construcciones and Electren for ventilation equipment on the Leganés-Mí³stoles section of Metrosur. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro 43/01. Comunidad de Madrid reports 31 km of EPB tunnel completed in 380 days, with 8 km to go. TBM Adelantada is crossing its last station in Mí³stoles for FCC, having recorded 1,020 m advance in 31 days. TBM Mares del Sur is crossing the interchange in Getafe for Ferrovial-Agromí¡n, with two stations to go. TBM La Chata completed its record-breaking 6 km run for Dragados beneath Leganes on 21st September, 2001. TBM Almudena is crossing its final station, while La Paloma is crossing its first station in Fuenlabrada for Necso. Lovat Cibeles has only 700 m to complete on its twin-tube drives at Line 10 extension. To read pdf files of Metrosur - Commuting in the 21st Century, click here. Visit www.comadrid.es/cmadrid/metro, www.metromadrid.es and www.ctm-madrid.es 45/01. Tenders invited, deadline 21st January, 2002 for lifts and escalators on the Parque Europa-Arroyo Culebro, San Nicasio-Parque Oeste, and El carrascal-Leganés Central sections of the Metrosur line. Values of €9.8 million, €9 million, and €13 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, documents S 231-159197, 159198, and 159199 or contact Madrid Infraestructuras del Transporte, fax +34 914111724. Contract awards for the Mí³stoles 1-Mí³stoles 5 section, value €8.7 million, to Macosa Elevacií³n, and for the Fuenlabrada 1-Fuenlabrada 2 section, value €4.2 million, to Schindler. To read pdf files of Metrosur - Commuting in the 21st Century, click here. Visit www.metropla.net/eu/mad/metrosur.htm 50/01. Tenders invited, deadline 28th January, 2002 for ventilation equipment in the stations on the Getafe 7-Getafe 2 section of the Metrosur line. Value of €1.9 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, document S 237-163487 or contact Madrid Infraestructuras del Transporte, fax +34 914111724. 52/01.Tenders invited to install anti-fire systems, value of €1.2 million, and ventilation systems, value €2 million, in the stations on the Getafe 2-Fuenlabrada 2 section of the Metrosur line. Deadline 7th February, 2002. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, documents S 246-169700 and S 246-169701 or fax +34 914111724, Madrid, Madrid Infraestructuras del Transporte. To read pdf files of Metrosur - Commuting in the 21st Century, click here. 02/02.