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Spain, Basque Country - es/100

High Speed Railway

Closing Date: 16.04.2018 (Tender Closed)

Open call for bids, deadline 16.04.2018, to build new safety tunnels for the Induspe (2205 m), Udalaitz-1 (3157 m), Mendigain (1035 m), Olabarrie (1078 m), Ganzelai (1381 m), Galdaakao (1789 m) and Zaratamo (2709 m) tunnels in the Vitoria-Bilbao section, of the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastian high speed line. Duration of the contract is 18 months from the award.

Value of the contract is about EUR29.83 million, excluding VAT. For bid documents http://www.adifaltavelocidad.es/es_ES/empresas_servicios/licitaciones/licitaciones_en_curso.shtml.

Contact Adif, Madrid, tel  +34 917744804, fax +34 917674490, e-mail mjmoro@adif.es.Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=088926-2018.

Ref. n. 3.18/20830.0008 (ON 002/18). 11/18.


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