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Italy, Liguria - it/88


Accelerated restricted procedure, deadline 30th July, 2003 for construction of section San Lazzaro-Sanremo city centre, north carriageway, including the 1.5 km San Giacomo tunnel. Single tube, radius 5.15 m, finished width 8.5 m, to be driven using traditional tunnelling means. Tender value: €35.9 million. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=110539-2003, OJ S 123, or contact ANAS, Roma, fax +39 064454956. Visit www.stradeanas.it 29/03.Accelerated restricted procedure, deadline 9th December, 2003 for construction of the Pieve di Teco bypass in Imperia province (Liguria). Includes a single-tube tunnel to accomodate two lanes plus pavements, 1,824 m in length and 10.5 m in width. Umbrella vaults at the portals (2 x 30 m). Sequential excavation using hydraulic hammers. There will be two drives. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=193252-2003, OJ S 215, or contact ANAS, Rome, fax +39 064454956. Visit www.stradeanas.it 47/03.Accelerated restricted procedure, deadline 16th December, 2003 for construction of the Chiusavecchia bypass in Imperia province (Liguria). Includes two single-tube tunnels in Madonna del Olivetto (1,425 m) and Torria (460 m). Radius: 6.3 m and height from invert to roof: 10.05 m. Geology: San Remo flysch. Excavation method to be chosen by the contractor. Support with bolts, steel arches and shotcrete. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=194867-2003, OJ S 217, or contact ANAS, Rome, fax +39 064454956. Visit www.stradeanas.it 47/03.Four tunnels are planned on the 9.2 km Pieve di Teco-Ormea bypass on trunk road SS 28 Colle di Neva linking Piedmont and Liguria: Monte San Bernardo (1,860 m), Trovasta (637 m), Boschi Sottani (981 m) and Armo-Cantarana (2,874 m). The Armo-Cantarana tunnel would consist in widening a pilot tunnel bored in the early 1990s. Estimated cost of EUR220 million. Tenders have already been invited for the first tunnel. Click it/88. 04/04.Lauro and Cogeis secured a EUR41.2 million contract to build the Pieve di Teco bypass on trunk road SS 28 Colle di Nava, including a 1.8 km tunnel. Visit www.cogeis.it 07/05.Accelerated restricted procedure, deadline 4th May, 2006 for final design including geotechnical and environmental surveys and first recommendations for work safety for the 9.2 km Pieve di Teco-Ormea bypass on road SS 28 in Imperia province. The project includes the following tunnels: Monte San Bernardo (1,824 m), Trovasta (637 m), Boschi Sottani (981 m) and Armo-Cantarana (2,874 m). The Armo-Cantarana tunnel will consist in widening an existing pilot tunnel. Construction of the first tunnel has already been awarded. Click it/88. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=063928-2006, OJ S 61, or contact ANAS, Rome, fax +39 064454956. 15/06.Tenders for the completion of section San Lazzaro-Sanremo Centre, north carriageway on the new road SS 1 bypass Aurelia Bis (new Aurelia) in Sanremo were invited in 2003 on a design/build basis. The contract has been awarded to a JV between Provera e Carrassi and Polidori Costruzioni on 19th March, 2007. The executive design approved by ANAS, the national road administration, has been undertaken by Alpina. The project mainly consists in completing the San Lazzaro junction, constructing the San Giacomo tunnel and the Sanremo Centre junction. The scheme stretches 2,150 metres approximately in all. Construction of the San Giacomo tunnel and work supervision amount to EUR22 million. Visit www.proveraecarrassi.it and www.alpina-spa.itThe San Giacomo single bore tunnel is 1,501.68 m long. The excavated area varies from 100 square metres for the typical cross-section to 160 square metres for the enlarged cross-section where lay-bys will be bored to allow vehicles to park in case of emergency. There will be four such lay-bys, each approx. 60 metre long. There are no other underground structures within the project.The tunnel path crosses the Ligurian Alps and the geology is formed by a series of tectonic units, transported and piled up towards the outer limits of the Alpine furrow, which form part of a deformation of the Apennine age. The San Giacomo tunnel fully crosses Sanremo flysch, which consists of clayey schists, clayey marls and fine to medium sandstone. Narrow alluvial deposits run along the San Francesco and San Romolo rivers, predominantly fine materials, sand alluvium with gravels.Full-face traditional methods will be used, combining drilling and blasting and hydraulic breakers, depending either on the ground or the cover above the tunnel to avoid damage caused by vibrations to overlying buildings. A unique excavation face will be opened in San Lazzaro, working towards Sanremo Centre.The variety of Sanremo flysch obliges to adopt different support measures, ranging from Swellex bolts, shotcrete and welded mesh to steel beams and shotcrete. In particularly tricky geological areas, the face will be stabilised by fibre-glass nails or by drilling forepoles of steel piles inserted into holes and filled with cement to form an umbrella vault around the contour of the face. Visit www.swellex.comDumpers and rubber-tyred loaders will be used to take the excavated material from the face to a first dump site outside, where it will be crushed prior to be taken to the final dump. The tunnel follows the path of an existing pilot tunnel built by highway operator Autostrada dei Fiori during the final design phase to study the rock mass and optimize the subsequent cross-section designs and tunnelling methods. Read E-News Weekly 17/2007. 17/07.Restricted invitation to tender, deadline 8th September, 2008 for the design and construction of national road SS 1 "Nuova Aurelia", access to the Savona harbour and connection between the toll barriers on highway A10 in Savona and Albisola and the harbours of Savona and Vado. The approval of the executive project and the subsequent award of the contract is scheduled for January 2010. Construction is programmed to be concluded in October 2013. The new Aurelia bis road section, from Albisola Superiore to Savona (Torrente Letimbro), is 5.1 km in length altogether, whereof 3.9 km intunnel. This EUR246 million project will relieve coastal traffic and provide a direct link to the Savona harbour area. Click it/88. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=196421-2008, OJ S 146, or contact ANAS, fax +39 064456224 or 0644462009. E-mail r.memoli@stradeanas.it 32-33/08.Restricted invitation to tender, deadline 18.03.2009, for engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works for the Pieve di Teco-Ormea bypass on road SS 28, including 2,874 m-long Armo-Cantarana tunnel. Contract value EUR3,350,000, duration 210 days. Contact Anas, Roma, Att.Condirezione Generale Legale e Patrimonio Unití  gare e Contratti, tel +39 (0)6 490326, e-mail r.memoli@stradeanas.it. Visit www.stradeanas.it. 11/09