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Italy, Lyon-Turin - it/80

High Speed Railway

The consortium consisting of the Piedmont-based companies Cogeis, CO.GE.FA., TRA.MA., Cavit, M.S. Plant Technology and the Swiss company Hupac Intermodal have been awarded the EUR 648.2 million contract for the management and reuse of rock extracted during the excavation of the Mont Cenis base tunnel in Italy. More than 50% of the 7 million tonnes of rock extracted on Italian territory will be reused in the work during excavation of the cross-border section. The rocks will be classified at the exit of the tunnel in Chiomonte to determine the type of reuse and will then reach the industrial area of Salbertrand by motorway. Here a part will be used for the production of concrete with which the lining segments of the main tunnels will be made; another part will be used for railway embankments, i.e. the bases of the tracks. Finally, the material lacking the appropriate geomechanical characteristics is instead transported by train to Torrazza Piemonte and Caprie, where the rock will be used as backfill for disused quarries. Visit https://www.telt.eu/it/. 06/24.