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Italy, South Tyrol - it/54

National Road 47

    Tenders invited, deadline 22nd January, 2002, for doubling the SS 47 Valsugana road on the Martignano variant between Ponte Alto and Trento Nord. Two tubes, 2,760 m-long each, 12 m excavated diameter, to be TBM-driven and segmentally lined except for 150 metres near the east portal where conventional means will be used. Also 377 m cut-and-cover sections at portals. Mainly limestone and marls. Average cover of 70 m. Work start in February, 2002. End in October, 2005. Cost of €76.5 million fully financed by the Trento Autonomous Province. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int, document S 213-145972 or fax +39 0461825040. Also visit www.provincia.tn.it 49/01.Award to Chieti-based Toto Costruzioni of a €85 million contract to build the 2 x 3 km Martignano tunnel between Ponte Alto and Gardolo to link Valsugana to north Trento. A 12 m-diameter refurbished TBM will be used. Work start end of May, time frame of 42 months, commissioning at summer-2005. Visit www.provincia.tn.it 16/02.