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Italy, Bergamo - it/43


Closing Date: 14.01.2019 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, closing date: 14.01.2019, for the completion of the 4.3 km Zogno bypass on S.P. ex S.S. 470 of the Brembana Valley, including two open air sections for a total of 2180 m and two rock tunnels Inzogno (654 m) and Monte di Zogno (2211 m). Start of work is estimated for Spring 2019, with the end of works in 2020.  The Value of the contract is EUR 24.32 million, excluding VAT. The duration of the contract is 425 days. Contact Infrastrutture Lombarde SpA (Ilspa), att.n eng. Guido Bonomelli, Milano, tel +39 02 607971711, fax +39 026797178, email ufficiogare@ilspa.it.Visit

http://www.sintel.regione.lombardia.it/eprocdata/auctionDetail.xhtml?id=104567020 and click here. Ref.n. GL18009_LAVORI_ZOGNO. 49/18.