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Italy, Liguria - it/263


Awarded the following 6 contracts for 6 lots for architecture and engineering services related to the replacement and rationalization of large water supplies in the Genoa area with a total amount EUR1.16, excluding VAT.

             Lot 1, RTI Lotti Ingegneria Spa (Rome)/PROG.IN Srl (Rome), value EUR236 970,91 excluding VAT;

             Lot 2, RTI VAMS Ingegneria Srl (Rome)/SWS Engineering Spa (Trento)/HUB Engineering Consorzio Stabile Scarl (Rome)/Ing. Paolo Minucci Bencivenga (Naples)/Dott. Geol. Andrea Valente Arnaldi (Turin), value EUR137,584.60, excluding VAT;

             Lot 3, RTI Studio di Ingegneria Isola Boasso & Associati Srl (Vercelli)/Idrostudi Srl (Trieste)/Franco Montaldo (Genoa)/AR/S Archeosistemi SC (Reggio Emilia), value EUR112,820.24, excluding VAT;

             Lot 4, RTI Ingegneria 2P & Associati Srl (San Donà di Piave)/HMR Ambiente Srl (Padova)/HMR Srl (Padova)/Geologia Tecnica Sas di Vorlicek Pier-Andrea & C.(Este), value EUR250,566.01 excluding VAT;

             Lot 5, RTI ITEC Engineering Srl (Sarzana)/DBA Progetti Spa (Santo Stefano di Cadore)/Luciano Minetti (Santa Margherita Ligure), value EUR63,387.46, excluding VAT;

             Lot 6, Hydrodata Spa (Turin)/Associazione Professionale HYM Studio

(Turin), value EUR360,000.63, excluding VAT.

Contact IREN Spa, Turin, email appalti_aa@gruppoiren.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=363049-2019.

Ref.n. Tender_3083. 32/19.