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Italy, Emilia Romagna - it/231


JV Aedes Aurora S.r.l. - CO.ED.EL S.r.l. - Boccuzzi S.r.l. - CO.PAN. S.r.l at Bari secured the EUR5.75 million contract for structures and technological equipment upgrading in Montecoronaro tunnel (164+993 km - 165+903 km) on the SS 3 in Tiberina, Verghereto municipality. Duration of the contract is 310 days from award. Contact Anas Spa, attn Benvenuto Pasquale, Bologna, tel +39 0516301111, fax +39 051244970, e-mail bo-garecontr@postacert.stradeanas.it. Visit  http://www.stradeanas.it/appalti/rilevanza_comunitaria/dettaglio/id/81438. Ref.n. NCLAV23-15. 44/16.