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Italy, National - it/222


The joint ventures between Livio Impianti Srl from Bosisio Parini, Romei Srl from Castelnovo Né Monti, A. Fustinoni & figli SpA at Almé and C.EL.I. from Alzapiedi,  geom. Bruno & c. Sas from Valmozzola (Lot 1); S.I.E.I. Srl from Quinto Vicentino (Lot 2); Engie Servizi SpA from Rome (Lot 3); the joint venture between RTI Elettrica Costruzioni Srl from Rome and F.lli Bonanno Srl from Marsala (Lot 4); I.G. Group Srl from Fiumicino (Lot 5); SIAT Installazioni SpA from Rome (Lot 6); the joint venture between Visco Daniele & Raffaele Snc from Prignano Cilento and Visco Srl from Prignano Cilento (Lot 7); the joint venture between Di Bella Costruzioni Srl from  Catania and Arke’ Srl from Buttapietra (Lot 8).  have been awarded the 8 contracts for the restoring and protection of the tunnel and outdoor equipment following thefts, and for the upgrading of anti-burglary systems on Anas roads.  Contact ANAS SpA, Rome, tel +39 06490326, fax +39 064456224, e-mail v.dambrosio@stradeanas.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=245426-2018.  Ref.n. DG51/16. 15/18


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