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Germany, Hamburg - de/163


The consortium Dr.-Ing. Orth GmbH / IBO Döbbelin Bansbach beratende Ingenieure für Geo- und Umwelttechnik PartG mbB from Ettlingen have secured the EUR277,591.00 contract, excluding VAT,  for a geotechnical expert to perform freezing tests, for the Koehlbrand tunnel bypasses that are to be driven through frozen ground. The Koehlbrand Tunnel is a replacement structure for the Koehlbrand bridge in Hamburg and is intended to cross under the Koehlbrand branch of the Elbe at almost the same point. The twin -tube tunnel will be 1,750 m long and with an excavation diameter of 15.50 m. The bypasses are planned with 3.3 m - 5.9 m inner diameter and 4.7 m and 7.3 m excavation diameter. Contact HPA Hamburg Port Authority, Hamburg, tel +49 4042847-3919, email zentralereinkauf@hpa.hamburg.de. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=075394-2023. Ref.n. TD-0361-22-VT-EU. 06/23.