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Germany, Berlin - de/162


Closing Date: 01.11.2018 (Tender Closed)

Negotiated invitation to tender, deadline 01.11.2018, for supervision during the construction of the new 380 kV cable duct, which is 6.7 km length. To be constructed between the Rudolf-Wissell bridge and the future Mitte 50Hertz substation in Berlin. The cable duct will be built by a mechanized method at a 20-25 m depth, and will be consist of three tunnel sections, 3 m inner diameter: TUN1 2492.81 m length from Rudolf-Wissell bridge (AS RWB) to the substation at Charlottenburg (ZS Ch); TUN2 1720.76 m length from ZS Ch to Klopstockstrasse  (ZS Tie) and TUN3 2454.,07 m length from  ZS Tie to the substation Mitte (ES With). For bid documents https://vergabekooperation.berlin/NetServer/TenderingProcedureDetails?function=_Details&TenderOID=54321-Tender-165a47bf3ef-5d2a47f445368a64.

Duration contract from 16/07/2019 to 10/07/2028. Contact 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Berlin, email stefan.herzmann@50hertz.com. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=437539-2018.

Ref.n. T09-2018-0004. 41/18.


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