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France, Rhone - Alps - fr/70


CSM Bessac leads a joint venture, whose other partner is Implenia, to build a 2.3 km-long 2.5 m ID waste water tunnel, using one of its newly produced compressed air balance backhoe TBM. The project includes a start shaft in France and an exit shaft in Switzerland. The tunnel lining will be made of six precast concrete segments per ring. The supplier of the segment plant and moulds, the producer of the segments and the supplier of the mucking-out equipment are still not known. The geology is molasse. The project owner is GLCT Choully. CSM Bessac will also supervise the works. The project is currently in the preparatory phase. Visit www.csmbessac.com, www.implenia.com and www.glct-choully.com 29/07.