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China, Pearl River Delta - cn/71


  €2 billion toll bridge project announced to link Lantau Island in Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macao, west of it. Two artificial islands linked together by a 1.4 km tunnel will be built in the middle of the delta to allow ship navigation. Main financier is Hopewell Group (50%). 37/03.Hong Kong's Highways Department appointed Arup to carry out a feasibility study for the Hong Kong section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge. The assignment involves preliminary design and an environmental impact assessment for about 12 km of bridge works that will be built in Hong Kong waters from Lantau Island. About 3 km of bridge could be replaced by a tunnel if the elevated structure is found to affect operations at nearby Hong Kong International Airport. The Hong Kong section will connect to the 30 km portion in mainland waters across the mouth of the Pearl River from Macau and Zhuhai. Visit www.hyd.gov.hk and www.arup.comThe only bridge designs that have been done so far are those by Hopewell Holdings. Hopewell's plans show a combined tunnel and bridge. From Zhuhai and Macau traffic would cross on a low-rise concrete bridge before descending into a tunnel under the Pearl River's main navigational channel before emerging close to Hong Kong waters. A low-rise bridge would be used to take traffic to the west coast of Lantau Island. Visit www.hopewellholdings.com 17/04.Arup has won a contract from the Road and Bridge Construction Investment Corporation of Xiamen to carry out the detailed design of the 3.23 billion yuan Xiamen East tunnel in Fujian. Arup secured the deal in partnership with China Communications Second Highway Survey, Design and Research Institute (CCSHI) in Wuhan. The firm will be responsible for designing measures to improve the ground conditions to make the tunnel easier to excavate. Arup will also design the tunnel ventilation equipment, carry out a fire safety assessment and prepare a health monitoring system. Arup will also carry out a construction and operation risk assessment.The link will be China's first subsea tunnel. The 6 km tunnel will be built as part of a 9 km highway linking Xibin in Xiamen's Xiangan district with Wutong on Xiamen Island in the East China Sea. The tunnel will be built using the drill/blast technique through granite bedrock. It will comprise two horseshoe-shaped tunnels, each accommodating a three-lane carriageway, plus a central service tunnel containing power, mechanical, electrical, communications and rescue facilities. The tunnel is expected to be completed in four years. Subscribe to E-News Weekly 23/2004. Visit www.arup.com 28/04.