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Algeria, Annaba - dz/18

Electric Cables

Closing Date: 20.08.2012 (Tender Closed)

Postponed from 03.08.2012 to 20.08.2012 the deadline for the invitation to tender by restricted procedure for preliminary design for the 350 km-long undersea interconnection cable duct between Italy (Cagliari, Sardegna) and Algeria (Lehenaya, east of Annaba). Further information from Adriana Palmigiano at Terna SpA in Rome, tel +39 (0)68313-8149, fax -9018, e-mail adriana.palmigiano@terna.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=234351-2012 and http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=218059-2012. 31/12.


Invitation to tender annulled for preliminary design for the 350 km-long undersea interconnection cable duct between Italy (Cagliari, Sardegna) and Algeria (Lehenaya, east of Annaba). Further information from Adriana Palmigiano at Terna SpA in Rome, tel +39 (0)68313-8149, fax -9018, e-mail adriana.palmigiano@terna.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=286504-2012. 38/12.


Algeria, Provinces of Boumer Boumerdès and Bordj Bou Arréridj - dz/17


In June, 2009 the Algerian government selected a consortium of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation CCECC (84%) and Turkish partner Ozgun Construction (16%) to upgrade and electrify the 175 km-long Thénia-Bordj Bou Arréridj section of the Algiers-Constantine line, which will take four years to complete. Contract value EUR1.65 billion. In February, 2010 the consortium chose Canadian engineering construction firm Dessau to conduct the preliminary and final design for the new mixed rail services, with trains reaching speeds of up to 160 km/h. Contract value EUR27.9 million.In July, 2011 Poyry Urban and Mobility business group/Systra was awarded a site supervision project for the new section, including 22 tunnels totalling 16.5 km. Poyry's share as consortium leader is about EUR14.8 million. Project completion in April, 2015. Visit www.poyry.com and www.systra.com. 28/11.


Algeria, Provinces of Oran, Sidi Bel Abbès and Tlemcen - dz/16


  The new electrified dual-track railway from Oued Tlélat to the Moroccan border is 200 km long and includes 12 tunnels. Its route is divided in three sections: Oued Tlélat-Sidi Bel Abbès, Sidi Bel Abbès-Tlemcen and Tlemcen-Moroccan border. In June 2007, ANESRIF - the national agency for railway investments - awarded a DZD143.4 billion contract with a duration of 39 months to the Italian joint venture of Condotte (leader) and Rizzani de Eccher to construct the Oued Tlélat-Sidi Bel Abbès-Tlemcen section (130 km). A group of companies headed by TPF PLANEGE in partnership with Getinsa and Saeti was appointed in March 2008 to carry out the control and supervision of the studies, procurement and construction of this section. Their contract is worth DZD2.6 billion. Visit www.condotte.it, www.rizzanideeccher.com, www.planege.pt, www.getinsa.es, www.saeti-dz.com and www.anesrif.dzBetween chainage 95 and chainage 130 near Tlemcen, three tunnels will be constructed (570 m, 360 m and 650 m going from east to west), for a total length of 1,580 metres. The first and third tunnels will be bored in dolomitic limestone and Upper Jurassic dolomites. The rock mass appears to be little to averagely fractured and often weathered. The second tunnel crosses dolomites with intercalations of tectonic breccias and rauhwacke. The bedrock is fractured to very weathered. Altogether, there are seven typical cross-sections (B, C1, C2, C3, F, F* and G). According to the cross-section type, drilling and blasting will be used as well as hydraulic hammers and roadheaders. For ground reinforcement, different techniques will be employed, like Swellex Mn24 type bolts, forepoling, glass fibre nails, fibre-reinforced shotcrete, steel arches, welded mesh and netting. The top heading, benches and invert will be lined with reinforced or unreinforced concrete, with thicknesses ranging from 50 cm to 120 cm. 39/08.


The Algerian government, through Anesrif (Agence National de Etudes et Suivi de Realisations des Investissements Ferroviaires), has awarded FCC, in consortium with Algerian Groupe ETRHB HADDAD, a EUR1.232 billion contract to build 66 km of railway line from Tlemcen, 500 km west of Algiers, to Akkid Abbas and forming part of the planned line connecting Oued Tlelat to the Moroccan border. This segment of line must be built in 48 months. The first two-thirds of the route, in western Algeria, crosses quite abrupt terrain and will require the construction of 34 viaducts and nine tunnels, accounting for over 30% of the total length of this section. The project is for a double-tracked electrified line for a maximum rated speed of 220 km/h, and the contract includes signalling and telecommunications systems. Visit www.anesrif.dz, www.fcc.es and www.etrhb.com. 12/11.


Algeria, Mila - dz/15

Water Transfer

Award by Agence Nationale des Barrages to Condotte d'Acqua of the design and construction of a water transfer from the Beni Haroun pumping station to the Oued Athmenia reservoir dam in Mila province, northeast of the country. Value €110 million. Requires to build the 5,903 m-long Djebel Akhal tunnel, 4.2 m OD 3.5 m ID, gradient 2.5%, to be TBM-driven with precast concrete segmental lining, and the 917 m-long 4 m-diameter Krenenou tunnel to be bored using a roadheader with mesh and wet-mix shotcrete as support and final lining consisting of 12 m steel tubes joined together with shotcrete. Geology consisting of limestone and calcareous marls. Time frame for construction 17 months. Financing by Fonds Arabe pour le Développement Economique et Social (FADES). Visit www.condottespa.it 36/02.


Algeria, El-Achir - dz/14


Excavation of the $140 million, 5.2 km-long El-Achir railway tunnel, 150 km southeast of Algiers, completed two years behind schedule due to tough regulations on the use of explosives, unexpected geological problems and travel restrictions imposed on Italian contractors Lesi and Dipenta. Tunnel part of the north bypass railway system, and longest of its kind in Africa. 44/01.


Algeria, Algiers - dz/13

Water Supply

  Restricted invitation to tender, deadline 10th June, 2001, for construction of four 2.5 m-diameter tunnels with total length of 12 km for Agence Nationale des Barrages, fax +213 212 99471. Published 10th May, 2001 at http://ted.eur-op.eu.int 22/01. €225 million loan approved by the European Investment Bank for the construction of a pipeline to supply drinking water to Greater Algiers and several towns in Kabylia. Project to link the Taksebt dam and Algiers. Involves construction of four tunnels with a total length of 12 km. Works between 2002 and 2006. Visit www.eib.org 48/01. Bids invited for work supervision of the Taksebt-Algiers water transfer including the Tizi Ouzou tunnel, length 3 km, the Draa Ben Khedda tunnel, length 1319 m, the Naciria tunnel, length 2621 m, and the Thénia tunnel, length 4820 m. Diameter 2.5 m for all. Bids also invited for technical consulting. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/ojs/en/frame.htm, OJ S 93-72813 and -72815 or contact Agence Nationale des Barrages, Algiers, fax +213 21299471. 21/02.Agence Nationale des Barrages (ANB) has shortlisted two consortia, one headed by Dragados and the second led by SNC-Lavalin, for the construction of the water transfer from the Taksebt dam to the cities of Tizi Ouzou, Boumerdès and Algiers. Dragados proposed 10 billion dinars, taxes and tariffs not included, and €272 million for construction. SNC-Lavalin offered 23 billion dinars with taxes included and €386 million for construction. The project requires two treatment stations, two pumping stations, ducts, 30 reservoirs approximately, and four tunnels totalling 12 km. Work to start in February 2003. Both consortia proposed 37 months to complete the job. European Investment Bank to finance €225 million and French Development Agency (AFD) €30 million. 49/02.SNC-Lavalin, Ondeo Degremont, Enac (Entreprise Nationale de Canalisation), GTP (Entreprise Nationale des Grands Travaux Petroliers) and Inerga (Entreprise Nationale de Realisation d'Infrastructures Energetiques) have been awarded a CAD750 million contract to design and build the 600,000 cu m/day water treatment plant and pumping station at Taksebt, about 100 km east of Algiers. The contract with the Agence Nationale des Barrages also includes the operation and maintenance of the facilities for a five-year period once construction is completed. SNC-Lavalin will design several water treatment plants, supply and install 90 km of ductile iron pipes, and construct four tunnels, each 2.5 m in diameter, totalling 11.7 km. The pipe and tunnel systems from the treatment plant will supply water to the provinces of Tizi Ouzou, Draa Ben-Khedda and Boudouaou, as well as Algiers. Design and construction work on the plant and pumping station will be completed in different stages, with full completion in the fall of 2007. Visit www.snclavalin.com 05/05.The two Lovat TBMs, Isabella and Susanna, are ready to drive the Tizi Ouzou aqueduct. At end-December, the first TBM had already arrived in Algeria. Its assembly was scheduled in January 2006 for tunnelling start at end-January 2006. The assembly of the second TBM is programmed from end-January 2006 and tunnelling will commence in mid-February 2006. The two shielded TBMs, 3.7 m in diameter, will excavate 11.35 km of tunnel for a drinking water line from Taksebt dam near Tizi Ouzou to Algiers. The first TBM will drive the 2,377 m Tizi Ouzou tunnel and the 2,600 m Naciria tunnel. The second TBM will excavate the 1,208 m Dra-Ben-Kedda tunnel and subsequently the 4,768 m Thenia tunnel. Click dz/13 and here. Visit www.lovat.com and www.cmcra.com 07/06.


Algeria, Algiers - dz/12


Metro Authority is seeking bids for completion and commissioning of the initial phases of Line 1, the 9 km-long underground city centre section with ten stations and its link to the surface railway of SNTF at Hamma. December 1999.   Tenders expected 2002 for 10 km-long underground sector of $600 million, 12.5 km line 1 to run NW-SE. 5.2 km in NW will be single-tube, 64 sq m finished section, drill/blast in gneiss and schist; 4 km in SE will be excavator or roadheader in marl. All supported by steel arches and shotcrete. Designers Sofretu/RATP, construction managers SGTE, Setec, Simecso, and SMM. Visit www.setec.fr 23/01.   Extra $1 billion financing sought to complete the construction of Emir Abdelkader-El Hamma section of the first metro line, plagued by endless delay due to lack of financing, insufficient experience of local companies Geni Sider and Cosider, and land expropriation problems. Work, commenced in 1990, is only 60% complete. Study underway to update the project both economically and financially to serve as a base to develop the project under concession. To date, 4 km of tunnel and four stations remain to be built to reach Haí¯ El-Badr (Gué de Constantine). Visit www.cosider-groupe.com 18/02.   The eight bidders for the building of a 4.1 km tunnel section for the Algiers metro between El Hamma and Haí¯ El Badr are Nurol (Turkey); STFA (Turkey); Polat (Turkey); Lesi (Italy); Toto Costruzioni (Italy); Génie-Sider / Pizzarotti (Algeria/Italy); ETRHB / Razel / Bilfinger Berger (Algeria/France/Germany); and Cosider / Infrafer / Dywidag (Algeria/Germany). 15/03.   The three shorlisted bidders for construction of section El Hamma-Haí¯ El Badr, 4.1 km in tunnel and four stations, are Dywidag / Cosider TP / Infrafer (lowest bidder with 14.6 billion dinars); Razel / Bilfinger Berger / ETRHB (16 billion dinars); and Pizzarotti / Gesi TP (17 billion dinars). 19/03.  The Cosider / Infrafer / Dywidag JV has secured a contract worth 14.6 billion dinars to build El Hamma-Haí¯ El Badr section (4.1 km) on Line 1 but the Génie Sider / Pizzarotti JV is objecting to the award. Visit www.cosider-groupe.com, www.infrafer.com/text.htm and www.walter-bau.de 33/03.A consortium of Siemens Transportation Systems (lead company), VINCI Construction Grands Projets and Spain's CAF (rolling stock) has just signed a EUR380 million contract to equip the first metro line in Algiers. VINCI's share of the contract amounts to EUR121 million and covers development of ten stations (nine underground and one above ground), construction of a 16,000 sq metre technical building and technical works packages relating to smoke extraction, ventilation and escalators. The project is scheduled to take 35 months to complete. Civil engineering works of the 9 km line, which will link Tafourah to Haí¯ El Badr, will be completed in June 2006. Read E-News Weekly 21/2005. Visit www.vinci.com 05/06.Entreprise du Metro d'Alger (EMA), the Algiers metro company, has awarded the contract to provide assistance with the follow-up of design studies, installation and fitting-out of fixed equipment for all systems on Line 1 (phase 1) of the Algiers metro, including stations, rolling stock and workshops to a consortium of Systra and RATP Developpement.Phase 1 runs from Tafourah Grande Poste station to Hai El Badr, through 11 km of tunnel. The line has 10 stations. Main construction of both the tunnel and stations is nearing completion. It also includes the high voltage substation, the control centre and the partly completed Bachdjarah maintenance complex. The consortium is therefore responsible for follow-up, inspection and coordination of the construction of the whole transport system. Visit www.systra.com and www.ratp-developpement.fr 17/06.Groupe Algéro-Allemand du Métro d'Alger (GAAMA), a joint venture between Dywidag International of Germany (51%) and Algerian contractors Cosider (35%) and Infrafer (14%), submitted the lowest bid (EUR215 million) for the second phase of the Algiers metro, from Haí¯ El Badr to El Harrach. The other bidders are Razel of France (EUR224 million), a Portuguese joint venture (EUR233 million) and French giant VINCI (EUR244 million). The Haí¯ El Badr-El Harrach section includes a 2.8 km tunnel with four stations (Bachdjarah 1, Bachdjarah 2, El Harrach Gare and El Harrach Centre) and a 252 m viaduct. Read E-News Weekly 45/2006 & 25/2005. Visit www.dywidag-international.com, www.cosider-groupe.dz and www.infrafer.com 32/07.The international consortium Gaama (standing for Groupement algéro-allemand de métro d'Alger) formed by Dywidag of Germany and Algeria's Cosider TP, with Italian subcontractor Trevi, has won the international bid for the 2.8 km extension of Line 1 of the subway in Algiers. The contract for the civil engineering works relates to lot 1 and totals DZD23.2 billion (around EUR215 million, of which EUR46 million for Trevi). The project includes four stations (Bachdjarah 1, Bachdjarah 2, El Harrach-Centre and El Harrach-Gare) and a multimodal station to provide rail, metro, bus and taxi interactivity. Work is expected to commence in early 2008 and last 32 months until July 2010 after the contract signing scheduled within the next few months. The first 9.1 km section of Line 1 should be operative in September 2008. Read E-News Weekly 45/2006. Visit www.dywidag-international.com, www.cosider-groupe.dz and www.trevispa.com or www.trevifin.com 50-51/07.Dywidag International of Munich, as leader of an international consortium with Cosider of Algeria and Trevi of Italy, was awarded the contract for the civil works of the second extension of Line 1 in Algiers, from Hai El Badr to El Harrach in the eastern part of Algiers. The new contract covers the construction of a 2,712 m-long tunnel, four stations (Bachdjarah 1, Bachdjarah 2, El Harrach Gare, El Harrach Centre), a bridge over the motorway, a river crossing as well as several ventilation buildings. In a planned period of 32 months, construction works will be carried out in an area of four kilometres and will amount to approximately EUR252 million including taxes. The tunnel will be built using NATM while the four stations will be built in open cut. Visit www.dywidag.com, www.cosider-groupe.dz and www.trevispa.comDywidag International already carried out the civil works for the first extension of Line 1 from Hamma to Hai El Badr for approx. EUR188 million. These works started in April 2003 by a German-Algerian joint venture of Dywidag International (leader) and Cosider and Infrafer of Algiers, covering a 4.1 km-long tunnel, four stations and several ventilation buildings. For this section the NATM and open cut methods were applied too. The works ended in May 2007. Click dz/12. 22/08.


Algeria, North - dz/11


Tenders invited by 10th January, 2000 for construction of 1.2 km twin-tube road tunnel. Fax Agence Nationale des Autoroutes +213 253 0892. Sept 1999.Slow progress reported on the east-west highway. Out of 1,216 km, only 49 km have been built and open to traffic in ten years while 86 km are under construction. A 1.3 km tunnel is under build between Bouira and Aí¯n Cherikhi, on the Lakhdaria-Bouira section. It is a twin tunnel with three lanes for each tube, built at a cost of 3.7 billion dinars by a jv of Algerian contractor Cosider and Turkish company STFA. 14/02.Restricted call for tenders, extended deadline to 2nd April, 2007 for control and work supervision for the central and east sections of the east-west highway, which will link the Tunisian and Moroccan borders. The 399 km east section includes five tunnels. The 169 km central section includes six tunnels. Visit www.mtp-dz.com/offres-marche.htm or contact Agence Nationale des Autoroutes, Division des programmes neufs (DPN), Palais des Expositions, Bloc administratif Mohammadia (ex-Lavigerie), El Harrach, Algiers. Fax +213 21210900. 13/07.The 399 east section of the east-west highway from the Tunisian to the Morrocan borders will be built by COJAAL, a Japanese consortium including Kajima, Taisei, Maeda, Nishimatsu, Hazama and Itochu. Their contract has a value of DZD376 billion. Visit www.kajima.co.jp/welcome.html, www.taisei.com, www.maeda.co.jp/index_e.html, www.nishimatsu.co.jp/eng, www.hazama.co.jp/english and www.itochu.co.jp/main/index_e.html 13/07.The 169 km central section will be built by a Chinese consortium including CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation) and CRCC (China Rail Construction Corporation). Their contract is worth DZD192 billion. Visit www.chinarailway.com.hk and www.citic.com 13/07.


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