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United States

United States, Missouri - us/53


$40 million, 364 m-long cut and cover, two-cell Lindbergh tunnel beneath new runway and taxiways at Lambert-St Louis Airport under design by URS Greiner for construction late-2002 and completion 2004. Visit www.ursgreiner.com Sept 2000.


United States, Massachusetts - us/52


$100 million project involving 4.12 km-long x 4.12 m i.d. North Dorchester Bay and 830 m-long x 4.12 m i.d. Reserved Channel CSO consolidation conduits to be constructed mainly in glacial outwash sands and Boston Blue Clay at depths of 8 m to 17.5 m for MWRA. Tunnels to be constructed from large diameter shafts and connections with existing CSO outfalls to be made by drop shafts. Visit www.pbworld.com August 2000.The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority approved a USD300 million project which includes a 3.4 km 5.2 m-diameter tunnel near the shoreline in Dorchester and south Boston to collect the mix of storm water and sewage and hold it for processing. It also includes an odour control station at Carson Beach and a pumping station to be built at Conley Terminal in south Boston. If approved by state environmental officials, the project plans a "Little Dig" under Day Boulevard and Columbia Road, with a TBM burrowing the tunnel through soft ground. The tunnel is expected to start processing water when the station is completed in 2011. The plan is designed to close a gap in the USD4.5 billion Boston Harbour cleanup. Rain can overwhelm the city's combined system of storm drains and sewers, pushing untreated waste straight into the harbour. Visit www.mwra.state.ma.us 17/04.The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) on 19th July, 2006 awarded a USD145.7 million contract for the construction of a 5.2 m-diameter, 3,380 m-long tunnel in South Boston that will virtually eliminate combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and stormwater discharges to the beaches in South Boston. The contractor, a joint venture of Shank / Balfour Beatty / Barletta, will construct the North Dorchester Bay CSO storage tunnel in soft ground using a pressurized face TBM. The work will include a mining shaft at the downstream end of the tunnel, an equipment removal shaft at the upstream end of the tunnel, six intermediate drop shafts at the existing CSO outfalls, CSO and stormwater diversion and odour control structures, and associated shallow piping and utility conduits. The tunnel is expected to be completed in 2009. Visit www.balfourbeatty.com and www.mwra.state.ma.us 31/32/06.A JV team led by Hatch Mott MacDonald (HMM) will provide construction management services for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's North Dorchester Bay CSO storage tunnel project, which forms part of a programme to eliminate CSO discharges into North Dorchester Bay in South Boston. The project will include an approximately 3,380 m-long, 5.2 m inside diameter tunnel. Start of construction is anticipated in late 2006. Visit www.hatchmott.com and www.mwra.state.ma.us 31-32/06.


United States, Texas - us/51


Brown & Root jv designing 1.9 km-long x 7 m-diameter Waller Creek tunnel for City of Austin between Texas State Capitol and Town Lake with special intake and outlet structures.Mainly in Austin Limestone and Eagle Ford Shale with numerous faults. More information at www.halliburton.com July 2000.The Austin city council approved Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Waller Creek tunnel project, which includes funding for design, bidding and construction. The USD28.3 million design contract went to a joint venture between Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) and Espey Consultants. That process is expected to be complete in 2010. The build portion will include an estimated USD100 million contract for construction of the project. Construction is expected to take place from 2010 to 2014. Click here. Read E-News Weekly 26/2007, 16/2007, 34/2006, 27/2006, 32/2003, 22/2003, 20/2003 & 12/2003. Visit www.kbr.com and www.espeyconsultants.com 38/07.


Long-awaited 1.6 km-long, 6.20/6.85/8.08 m-diameter Waller Creek tunnel project to be bid in 09/2010, together with inlet structure at Waterloo Park, stub tunnels and shaft inlets at 9th Street and 4th Street, and outlet in Lady Bird Lake. Estimated value EUR29-34 million (USD40-46 million). More from Gary Jackson at PWD in Austin, tel +1 512-974-7115, e-mail Gary.Jackson@ci.austin.tx.us or visit www.ci.austin.tx.us/smbr/downloads/wctproject10.pdf. 07/10.


United States, New York - us/50

Light Railway

Skanska with Perini is designing and constructing 13 km-long light rail system through densely populated area to JFK where a cut-and-cover tunnel will pass beneath the airport. $750 million contract financed by fares and private funds. Visit www.skanska.com July 2000.


United States, California - us/49


5.7 km-long x 2.9 m horseshoe-section Claremont tunnel constructed in 1928 to be emptied and inspected in January, 2001 with a view to designing a seismic improvement programme through the actively creeping portion of the Hayward Fault zone. Project leader Jacobs Associates with Camp, Dresser & McKee, Geomatrix, and Earthquake & Structure Inc. Visit www.jacobssf.com July 2000.The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) selected URS and Jacobs Associates to design the new Irvington tunnel. The 24-month design phase began in August 2006, and the project construction should reach completion in 2013. The existing Irvington tunnel connects the Alameda siphons in the Sunol Valley to the Bay Division Pipelines in Fremont. This 3 m-diameter tunnel runs approximately 5.6 kilometres between two active faults, the Hayward and Calaveras. Approximately 85% of SFPUC water would not reach the San Francisco Bay Area if the current Irvington tunnel ever failed due to an earthquake or other reasons. Built around 1930, it last saw an inspection in 1966. The SFPUC cannot take it out of service without impacting the water supply. The new Irvington tunnel, of a similar size and length, will lie just south of the existing tunnel. Facilities include the new tunnel with initial and final linings, overflow shaft, tunnel portals, and related ancillary appurtenances. The project, estimated to cost approximately USD120 million, likely will use TBM as the preferred excavation method, and a precast concrete segmental lining system. Visit www.urscorp.com, www.jacobssf.com and www.sfwater.org 09/07.


Invitation to prequalified contractors to bid, opening date 11.03.2010, for construction of new 5.63 km-long, 2.7-3.3 m-ID Irvington tunnel, estimated value EUR184 million (USD251 million). Contract award April/May, 2010 for start June, 2010 and completion May, 2014. Visit tunnelbuilder archive us/49 for project background, and www.sfwater.org for update. 07/10.


Contract award to Southland/Tutor Perini JV for construction of 5.63 km-long x 2.7-3.3 m ID New Irvington tunnel between Sunol Valley and Fremont. Total value EUR176 million, with 13 Local Business Enterprise companies taking EUR7.5 million. Construction commences 01.09.2010 for completion 2014. More from www.sfwater.org. 29/10.


United States, Texas - us/48

Dallas Highway

  Geotechnical investigation and preliminary design underway for $150 million Austin Formation limestone twin 3-lane tunnels of 3 km and 2.4 km beneath junction of LBJ Freeway with Dallas North Tollway to provide additional high occupancy vehicle lanes to relieve traffic congestion. Cross-section of 146 sq m will be supported by rockbolts and fibre-reinforced shotcrete finished with a 300 mm-thick reinforced concrete lining with waterproof membrane. Client is Texas Department of Transportation, lead consultant is HNTB, and tunnel designer is Lachel & Associates, Denver, CO. Visit www.lachel.com June 2000.


United States, California - us/47

Water Supply

  San Diego County Water Authority will require a $125 million, 20 km-long x 4.2 m-diameter TBM tunnel from proposed San Vicente reservoir to carry 3 m-diameter steel pipeline to Metropolitan area of county. EIS complete and project under design for commencement 2002 using open or shielded TBM dependent upon the primary lining chosen. For contact purposes visit www.brierleyassociates.com June 2000.The San Diego County Water Authority has issued a notice inviting prequalification for the construction of the tunnelled pipeline referred to as the San Vicente to Second Aqueduct Pipeline project. The project shall transport water between the San Vicente Reservoir and the Water Authority's Second Aqueduct in an emergency and during normal operations. At the east end of the San Vicente to Second Aqueduct Pipeline, the pipeline will be connected to the San Vicente surge control facility. The east tunnel portal is approximately 3.2 km north of the City of Lakeside, and just south of San Vicente Dam. From this location, the tunnel and pipeline will extend westward below the Scripps Ranch community for about 17.7 km and connect with the Rancho Penasquitos pressure control and hydroelectric facility west of Interstate 15 near Mercy Road. The carrier pipeline is expected to be a 2.6 m finished inside diameter pipe installed within a 3.66 to 4.1 m-diameter excavated tunnel. The tunnel final lining shall consist of either welded steel pipe or reinforced concrete cylinder pipe. The final size of the tunnel and initial support systems are to be determined by the contractor. Design is scheduled to be completed in November 2004 and to be bid in January 2005. Construction is scheduled to start in May 2005 and to be completed by September 2008.The Statements of Prequalification Information shall be used to prequalify prospective bidders. The Water Authority intends to establish a list of qualified bidders from whom construction bids shall be accepted. Copies of the Notice Inviting Prequalification Information are available upon request from:Craig Balben, Contracting Technician, San Diego County Water Authority, 4677 Overland AvenueSan Diego, CA 92123. Tel. +1 8585226804. Project Fact Sheets and Order Forms are available at www.sdcwa.org 44/04.Traylor, in a joint venture with J.F. Shea, has been awarded the San Vicente Pipeline project located in San Diego County. This project, awarded for USD198 million while the construction cost estimate was USD161 million, includes construction of 17,454 m of 2.62 m ID pipeline inside an excavated tunnel with three shafts. The tunnel will be excavated using a combination of hard rock TBM, digger shields, and drill and blast methods. Ground support for the tunnel will be precast concrete segments, rock bolts, shotcrete when necessary, steel fibre-reinforced shotcrete, steel ribs and pipe umbrellas when necessary. Construction management and assistance in project management by Parsons Engineering. The pipeline project is scheduled for completion in 2008. Visit www.traylor.com, http://jfshea.com, www.parsons.com and www.sdcwa.org 35/05.Traylor-Shea battling hard conglomerate using its CTS shield on final 6.4 km drive from Slaughterhouse shaft, having completed just 2.25 km since April, 2007. 150 m/month reported currently being achieved in softer ground. 2.6 m ID steel carrier pipe under installation in completed sections of tunnel. For project history visit tunnelbuilder archive us/47 and www.sdcwa.org/infra/esp-sanvicente.phtml. 08/09.


United States, Illinois - us/46

Water Tunnel

1.3 km x 2.2 m-diameter rock tunnel to be bored at Lemont by Kenny Construction usingJarva TBM. 25 m-deep x 8 m-diameter drill/blast shaft is underway to establish launch chamber from which two headings will be driven. Information tel +1 847 541 8200. June 2000.


United States, Alabama - us/45

Birmingham Sewer

Contract for 2.9 km x 3.6 m-diameter tunnel with enclosed 2.1 m-diameter sewer pipe awarded by Commission of Jefferson County to Affholder/Roland Pugh jv value $15.6 million for competion February, 2002. Geology is shale underlying silts and sands, and mixed face conditions will merit Lovat 3.6 m EPB fitted with rock head and erecting rib and lagging, starting early-May. Carrier pipe will be grouted into annulus. Project design for PWD by Hendon Engineering Associates. Visit www.lovat.com May 2000.


United States, South Carolina - us/44


  Contract for 1.6 km replacement wastewater tunnel under Charleston harbour awarded to Affholder Inc at value $10.68 million with notice to proceed expected end-April. Facility designed by Jordan, Jones & Goulding for the Charleston Commissioners of Public Works will comprise 1.4 m RC pipe in 2.5 m-diameter TBM-driven tunnel in stiff, silty clay with rib and lagging support. Carrier pipe will be installed and annulus back-filled with cellular grout. Affholder will use its Lovat M96/104 TBM from its recent Houston Fulton Conveyance contract. More from www.lovat.com May 2000. URS designing $12 million, 1.28 km-long x 3 m-diameter tunnel with 18 drop shafts in sandy, silty clay underlain by marl as an overflow for existing system in downtown Charleston. Should bid late-2001. Visit www.urscorp.com 33/01.