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ZITRON at the XVII AFTES International Congress 2023 in Paris

ZITRON at the XVII AFTES International Congress 2023 in Paris

From October 2-4, 2023, Zitrón will be a part of the XVII AFTES International Congress at Paris, Congress Palace. This event provides a unique opportunity to engage with our specialists and learn about our latest research and advancements in underground ventilation systems.  

Our Commitment to Innovation 

At Zitrón, we’ve been a trusted partner in custom ventilation systems since 1963. Our dedication to innovation and technology has driven our success, delivering solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability and efficiency. 

  • Safety: We create systems that enhance ventilation control, ensuring safety in underground infrastructures. 
  • Sustainability: We extend system lifespans through optimized maintenance, reducing environmental impact. 
  • Efficiency: Our systems minimize installation and maintenance costs while maximizing overall performance. 

    Embracing Innovation and Technology 

    We understand that change is inevitable, and we embrace it with flexibility and creative thinking. Zitrón is dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge technology for our customers’ benefit: 
  • New generation of Jet Fans: Premium efficiency jet fans for 100% reversible ventilation systems with superior performance and corrosion resistance. 
  • Intelligence Systems for Ventilation Control: The ZJET acquisition card optimizes and manages ventilation systems, converting
    ventilation systems from analogue to digital for jet and axial fans. 
  • Gas Monitoring in Tunnels: ZINTELLIGENCE gas detection stations remotely monitor gas emissions in tunnels. 
  • Comprehensive Remote Maintenance: The ZCARE system provides a comprehensive maintenance service for
    ventilation systems. 
  • Temperature-Resistant Electronic Panels: Panels with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) regulate fan speed and are fire-resistant, meeting safety standards. 
  • Safety Zones in Tunnels: MODULBYP units create protected safety zones and escape corridors in transport tunnels, enhancing safety measures.  

    Discover Tailored Solutions 

    Want to learn more? Visit us at the XVII AFTES International Congress (booth 4) to discover more about underground ventilation and explore how Zitrón provides tailor-made solutions with experts in the field who will be present at the Congress. Visit https://zitron.com/. 39/23.