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WeRail presents: Tunnel and metro Fire Protection Webinar Series 2021

WeRail presents: Tunnel and metro Fire Protection Webinar Series 2021

Catastrophic fires in tunnels have resulted in loss of life, significant asset damage and operational interruption. The ignition and spread of fire in rail applications remains one of the most important design and engineering challenges for tunnel owners and operators. For this reason both infrastructure and tunnel engineers are actively looking for materials with innovative flame-retardant properties, and solutions to reduce the spread of flames, temperature, smoke - and ultimately save lives.  

WeRail Group have partnered directly with the tunnel owners and operators for over a decade to recognise their key ‘current’ challenges, interests and investment areas. In summary Tunnel & Metro Fire Protection 2021 - from 22 to 26 March 2021 - is a series of technically lead webinars for the global rail community. The series focuses specifically on design, material, engineering solutions and technical innovations for improved fire performance of rail assets.   

WeRail Group have an established worldwide leading position in delivering events, critical updates and digital content for the tunnel and tunnelling sector; and for this project we are thrilled to be partnering with the major Infrastructure stake holders to deliver high-value, practical and technical information to address their precise business needs. Contact WeConferenceGroup, attn Martin Davies, Group Operations Director, tel. 00 44 (0)7841 260097, email  martin.davies@weconferencegroup.com. 51/20. 


Visit the website - https://tunnelfiredefence.com/tunnel-metro-fire-protection/