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Warsaw metro Line 2 progress report

Warsaw metro Line 2 progress report

By the 9th October 2020 TBM shield work for the construction tunnels for the second line of the Warsaw metro reached 2239/ 2908m for TBM Maria and 921/2,878m for TBM Anna in the East section; 214/1367m for TBM Elisabetta and 870/1369m for TBM Krystyna in the West section connecting Wola and Bemowo.  

TBM Maria is already 1320 m after Kondratowicza C20 station, she has installed more 1500 rings for the tunnel lining since the start of tunnelling and it is due to reach the C19 Zacisze station within the next 24 hours. TBM Krystyna has driven 630 m of the tunnel from C05 Powstancow Slaskich station and installed about 500 rings.  

In August TBM Krystyna completed the shortest tunnel (137 m) of the Warsaw metro line 2, breaking into the chamber of the Powstancow Slaskich station. And now TBM Krystyna has passed under the viaduct of ul. Górczewska over the railway line and thus Bemowo and Wola districts are now connected by the subway tunnel. Click here and pl/11 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit https://www.metro.waw.pl/. 41/20.