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Vital BASF and MEYCO contributions at Gotthard

Vital BASF and MEYCO contributions at GotthardAt the Gotthard base tunnel, which holed out on 15.10.2010 as the world's longest rail tunnel, BASF supplied concrete admixtures for around 20 km of the total tunnel length. BASF Glenium superplasticisers ensured that the concrete remained free-flowing and workable during its passage through long sections of tunnel, and MEYCO SA 160 accelerator was added for quick setting once in place. MEYCO Potenza and Oruga spraying units were used in the Erstfeld and Sedrun sections to apply concrete quickly to the TBM excavated surface as a primary lining in difficult ground conditions. Application of special MEYCO Fireshield 1350 fire protection mortar in Bodio section will withstand temperatures up to 1,400 degrees C for a minimum of 90 minutes. For more, read the BASF press release. 42/10.