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Turin / Lyon - TBM Gea arrived in France

Turin / Lyon - TBM Gea arrived in France

The French senate has approved the bill of ratification for the start of the final phase of the Turin/Lyon tunnel project.

The TBM Gea, which is building the Maddalena geognostic tunnel, has now passed the border into France. Two workers, one Italian and one French accompanied the TBM during this historic step. So far it has tunneled about 6912 m of the 7300 m planned.

The excavation in the Ambin mountain started in December 2016. The TBM is now more than two thousand meters below the mountain, the deepest point of the Mont Cenis Base Tunnel. Once completed, the Maddalena geognostic tunnel will serve as access to the 57.5 km long tunnel site and in 2029 it will become operational as a ventilation duct, maintenance and safe passage. Click here, fr/11 and  it/80 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit http://www.telt-sas.com/.  05/17.