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Tunnelling Sub-Contractor Urgently Required

Tunnelling Sub-Contractor Urgently RequiredValecha Engineering has received a design work order to commence Udaipur city's Mansi Wakal water supply project near Dewas in India, value Rs165 million. The client is the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project, government of Rajasthan. The tunnel is planned to be 4.6 km-long, with four 6 m-diameter shafts, and has circular section excavated at 2.9 m-diameter, finished at 2.5 m-diameter. Method to be decided by contractor. The work order for construction is expected at any moment which will be the start date of the project. Total time period for the project is 24 months. The detailed geological report is available with the client. Financing from the Asian Development Bank. Contact Arun Dalvi, manager for tendering, e-mail arun_dalvi5@yahoo.com. Click in/37. Visit www.rajinfrastructure.gov.in and www.valechaeng.com 42/03.