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TBM Meg is on her way to State Library Station

TBM Meg is on her way to State Library Station

Last week TBM Meg was relaunched from the Metro Tunnel's Parkville Station site towards the CBD, to complete the second tunnel. It follows the relaunch of TBM Joan, which began a parallel 1 km journey towards the State Library Station site in October. 

The two TBMs have already completed the western section of the project's twin 9 km tunnels, starting at the western entrance in Kensington, through to the Arden Station site in North Melbourne and on to Parkville. After they arrive at the State Library, TBMs Meg and Joan will continue digging in parallel under Swanston Street towards the new Town Hall Station.  

The third and fourth TBMs, Millie and Alice, recently completed the 1.7km stretch from Anzac Station to the eastern tunnel entrance at South Yarra – and are now being returned to the Anzac Station site, where they will be reassembled before starting to tunnel towards Town Hall Station early next year.  

To date, all four TBMs have installed more than 31,000 concrete segments and excavated more than 371,000 cubic metres of rock and soil in the construction of the new tunnels 

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