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Strategic tunnel enhancement programme in Abu Dhabi


The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will allow for knowledge sharing and advanced research to ensure the sustainable and safe construction of underground tunnels in Abu Dhabi.

The MoU is directly related to the STEP (Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme), which is one of the longest pipeline infrastructure projects in the world. STEP has successfully laid down 41 km of deep sewer tunnels in Abu Dhabi. The completed tunnels will have the capacity to accommodate a flow of 1.7 million m3 of wastewater per day by 2030 (see ae/16 in tunnelbuilder archive).

Rapid urbanization in the UAE demands the development of more underground infrastructure like pipelines. However, the environmental impact of underground construction, including tunnels, is substantial. That is why it is important to develop a knowledge base to ensure that underground infrastructure projects are developed in a way that creates a balance between meeting the cities growing infrastructure needs and preserving the environment. Visit https://news.masdar.ac.ae/  and https://www.abudhabi.ae.  04/17.