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Sanierungstunnel Belchen - Bi-Component Mixing Plant

Sanierungstunnel Belchen - Bi-Component Mixing Plant

The Belchen Tunnel, built in the 1970s, had to be rehabilitated due to damage to the tunnel support structure. In order to keep the traffic restrictions to a minimum, the Belchen rehabilitation tunnel was constructed parallel to the existing tunnels.


Location:  A2 Eptingen, Switzerland

Client:  Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA

Contractor: Marti AG

Field of application: Annular gap grouting

Products used: Mixing plant MCM5500 and pumping container with 2 grout pumps ZMP726

Volume mixed/pumped: Approx. 27,700 m3  

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Häny AG - Mixing and Injection Technology

Buechstr. 20 | 8645 Jona/Switzerland

Phone +41 44 925 41 11 | www.haeny.com


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