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Purple Line Extension TBMs arrive


Over the next several weeks parts of the Purple Line extension TBMs, built by Herrenknecht (Germany), will begin arriving by Palabora and Integrity cargos from Rotterdam and Antwerp, at the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Galveston. From the ports, the various parts will be loaded onto large trucks and taken to a holding facility until the Wilshire/La Brea station is ready to receive them.

The five TBM Naming Contest Finalists are Castor/Pollux, Elsie/Soyeon, Abeona/Adiona, Rosa/Milagros and Genesis/Nova. The polls will be open thru January 31, 2018. The winning art and name will be displayed on the side of the huge TBMs during the Purple Line Extension unveiling ceremony that is anticipated to happen this spring. Click here for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit https://www.metro.net.


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