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Press release - Discover the €1.2B Mega Project in Norway - Paving the Way North of the Arctic Circle - E6 Megården–Mørsvikbotn


In a remarkable development, the Norwegian government has earmarked a substantial investment of NOK 4 billion for the ambitious E6 highway expansion project in Sørfold, Nordland. This groundbreaking infrastructure initiative, set to commence in 2024, marks a pivotal moment in connecting the northern and southern regions of Norway, ensuring safer and more accessible travel. Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum and Fisheries Minister Bjørnar Skjæran unveiled this exciting news in Sørfold.

Project Overview: The E6 Megården–Mørsvikbotn project is set to encompass the construction of 43.5 kilometers of new roadway, with approximately 24 kilometers of that comprising brand-new tunnels, complemented by bridges and improved existing roads. The standout feature is an 812-meter-long suspension bridge over Leirfjorden, contributing to a total reduction in travel distance by 14.5 kilometers.

Key Project Information:

  • Total Length: 45 kilometers, including 20 kilometers of open-air road at 8.5 meters width.
  • 10 Tunnels with a combined length of 23 kilometers.
  • 20 Tunnel Portals spanning 400 meters.
  • Suspension Bridge measuring 812 meters.
  • Pile-Foundation Bridge with multiple spans, extending 555 meters.
  • 5 Pile-Foundation Bridges, varying in lengths from 40 to 178 meters.
  • Several minor concrete structures.
  • Estimated Total Cost: EUR 1.2+ billion.

Contract Phases:

  • Contract P1 (Megården-Sommerset): Covers a road length of 23 kilometers, including 9.4 kilometers of open-air road, 4 rock tunnels with a total length of 12.7 kilometers, 2 bridges (178 meters and 555 meters in length), 8 concrete tunnel portals, and various minor structures. The call for tender is expected in Q1 of 2024.
  • Contract P2 (Sommerset-Tverrdalen): Encompasses a road length of 5.1 kilometres, featuring 0.1 kilometres of open-air road, 2 rock tunnels totalling 4.2 kilometres in length, a suspension bridge spanning 0.8 kilometers, concrete tunnel portals, and additional minor structures. The call for tender is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2023.
  • Contract P3 (Tverrdalen-Mørsvikbotn): This phase comprises a road length of 17 kilometres, encompassing 10.5 kilometres of open-air road, 4 rock tunnels measuring a combined 6.1 kilometers, 2 bridges (128 meters and 138 meters long, respectively), 8 concrete tunnel portals, and miscellaneous minor structures.

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